Standing on the side of the road...

Every once in a while, when you force your husband to be your personal photographer, he'll come up with a brain child and you just have to go with it. Lucky for me, J's brain children are usually pretty cool. (Although sometimes I do have to remind him that I am not Beyonce, and as much as he thinks I might look like super model, I'm not. So we need to keep the high fashion editorials to a minimum.) J really wanted to shoot on this road over on the back side of the island. So we stopped by one day, and tested it out. I think they came out pretty cool. I was just really nervous about getting hit by a car. We drive on the left here, and while it looks like an empty road it's one of the maybe 3 roads on the island that you can get up to about 60mph+. Every where else has round a bouts, so you never go very fast, therefore people aren't great at driving at high speeds, and they definitely aren't looking for a blog photo shoot on the side of the road. 

The outfit is comfy one, and minus the boots is well under $100. The skirt was one of my Forever21 big sale buys, and the crop top is from H&M. I had been on the hunt for a white long sleeved crop top for under my overalls, but I love how it works with high waisted skirts as well. Adds a bit of ease and cool to an otherwise neutral outfit. 

Similar Crop Top // Similar Skirt // Frye Boots 

Rings from Monc Boutique in Miami, FL


Rainy Day Favorites

While the weather it's getting colder, it's getting rainy here. (Well, raining more often.) Growing up in Miami with 90 degree winters my mother always created the seasons for us. I have an extremely vivid memory of getting caught in the pouring rain, riding bicycles around the neighborhood. My dad came and picked me, my mom, and my sister up and brought us home. My mom immediately put me in the bath, and put hot chocolate on the stove. Now whenever I'm feeling particularly down, or really want to feel extra homey, I put on hot chocolate. Starbucks has a Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate that is my absolute favorite. It comes in packets, just needing you to add steamed milk and/or water. So good.

Curled up with my hot chocolate under a great blanket, with candles going, an old chick flick on (just so happens Target has a duo-pack of my absolute favorites!), and the rain hitting the windows is just amazing. Sure I love running around on the beach, but nothing feels like home more than these rainy days. 

What are your rainy day favorites?


Rainy Day Favorites


Fall Silks with Shorts

Last night was Mexican Night at The Green Parrot. Guys. This is a really BIG deal. There are no Mexican restaurants in Nassau, Bahamas. (At least no trust worthy ones.) J and I used to have one down the street. The kid loves Mexican food. So we actually went out on a weeknight(!!!), and headed to the Green Parrot. The food was actually good! I had the fish tacos (Mahi Mahi aka Dolphin for anyone from South Florida). They were just enough spice and a great portion. The Green Parrot also serves $4 Margaritas on Wednesdays, It's basically a dixie cup size, but it's the cheapest drink you're going to get on the island. 

I, being me, over dressed for the occasion. Well, almost. Business up top. Part on the Bottom. I ran out of time getting ready so my hair air dried. Trying to make Fall happen in Nassau is like trying to make fetch happen. It doesn't. We headed towards the restaurant and stopped to take in this beautiful sunset, and get OOTD pics obviously. Living in The Bahamas has it's ups and downs, but when you see a sky kiss a shore like that.. It's just everything. 

**PS my Summer tan is officially gone after time in New York. Boo. 

Handbag c/o Gregory Sylvia // Shirt c/o Piperlime // Forever21 Shorts // Frye Boots

Rings: Pandora & John Hardy // Lips: Resilient Raisin by L'OREAL


Jumper x ShoeDazzle x TopKnot

It's odd to me how little this jumper (from Miami's Monc Boutique) has been on the blog because I absolutely love it. Every time I wear it I feel comfortable, and yet put together (my motto!). I strutted it around NYFW; where I was told I was completely on trend, and interviewed purely because of it. (Win!) I think balancing the sleek jumper with a black tube top, and these ShoeDazzle stems, gave me a fun flair and really embraced the 90's-Clueless-Throwback vibe I keep running back to. My earrings, clutch, and heels added a maturity to the playful look. 

As I branch back out into dressing exactly how I feel, it's interesting to see what has changed in my look and what absolutely has not. As much as I fight my hair, that topknot is becoming it's own trademark. I'm not mad about it. In fact these days, I'm not mad about much. Each day that passes I feel more like a woman. And though I may still be a wandering, wondering, big dreams type of woman, I'm still a woman. Some girls have perfect hair all day every day, but I find that exhausting. Admirable and inspiring, but completely exhausting. Kudos to you. I'll be over here with my hairbands.

Get the ShoeDazzle Heels Here! I like them even more with pants!

Similar Jumper, Earrings, and more below!

***Funny Side Note! J almost broke his head open doing this OOTD photo post. I requested he get up on the bus stop bench for a picture of the clutch, and the bench completely caved. He fell flat on his back several feet down. Luckily the side he fell on was sans beer bottles and rocks. Yikes! Happy One Month Anniversary!


My Beauty Must Haves

It's been a while since I've chatted about my beauty favorites, but I've had a few questions, and felt like it was time. While my bathroom is budding with products galore, these are my must haves that I never travel with out. (Links and blurbs below!)

What are your beauty favorites?

FromCtoC Beauty Must Haves

 Rodan + Fields Unblemish Regimen: If I was told that I needed to choose just one product for the rest of my life, I would tell you why the Unblemish Regimen counts as one product total and then throw everything else away. I am an open book about my past skin care troubles. When I nannied, I had babies ask about my boo-boo's (pimples), on set's I would lie and say I 'had my period, just use a new foundation, or some new face wash broke me out'. But honestly, I just had troubled skin. (I don' like to say "bad" skin, because my skin wasn't bad, it was just behaving very poorly.) Enter Rodan + Fields and I have had clear skin ever since. It changed my life and made this past year of traveling, blogging, and wedding festivities a breeze. Now I can go out on the boat with zero make-up on, not even tinted moisturizer, and not worry if anyone is snapping a picture. 

Nirvana Black Perfume: I love scents. And I often switch between two or three myself, but they all embrace sage and sandalwood. Obviously when my idols Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen released Nirvana Black & Nirvana White, I needed to get to Sephora immediately and try them. Nirvana White was too sweet for me, but Nirvana Black is a subtle scent that makes me feel polished and unique, while not feeling overbearing. 

 Simbi Hair Ties: Wherever I go, I have multiple hair ties. These Simbi Hair Ties are great because not only do they do their job, they are cute. I don't mind them around my wrist or falling out of my purse; especially when I'm at Zumba class or out on the boat. Target is carrying them in 'Fall' colors as well, so you can get a set in silvers, golds, and black or stick with the bright hues of Summer. 

 Kendra Scott Make Up Bag: I was just gifted this little make-up bag in New York at the Kendra Scott Showroom, and I have to say it's a great one. I used it one night as a clutch with my business cards, lipgloss, and keys. Everyone knows how amazing their jewelry is, but I was stunned by the quality of their accessories bags. So durable and clean. An easy way to bring your favorite products to work, or on a quick trip. I'm a bag within a bag lady, so this hit it on the nose for me.

 KMS Hair Quick Blow Dry: I discovered KMS's Quick Blow Dry Spray in a goodie bag last year, and I am hooked. I lived off that little sample bottle forever, and just finally got a full sized bottle last time I was in Miami. I never blow dry my hair with out it now. AND I'll even spray it in my air dried hair for heat protection in the sun. I don't know if that's how that works. But it doesn't hurt and it's so light weight you don't even know it's on your hair. 

 Hair Brush: Listen, I know we all love the Mason Pearson brush and the Wet brush, but hear me out... my hair gets ridiculously tangled and I am picky about how a brush feels while it is brushing my hair. Once upon a time, I don't remember exactly why, I picked up a Forever21 flat brush and never looked back. I pack a Wet brush in my carry on and out on the boat for emergency snarls, but when I'm fresh out of the shower I use this $3 piece of magic.

  Josie Maran Illuminizer: I have tried a ton of illuminizers and highlighters over the years, but this is my favorite. A lot of people have been asking me about what make-up I am using in certain blog photos, and I guarantee it's because of this Josie Maran Illuminizer. It gives the softest glow, and it has argan oil so it's great for your skin. 

Chanel Foundation: Chanel make-up smells like roses. That's a true fact. Go to the store, and smell it. This Chanel foundation is light and airy and gives me the coverage I need to feel fresh. Living in the heat, you never want a cake face. This foundation is absolutely perfect. Plus who doesn't love using Chanel?

 Josie Maran Cheek Stain: If you can't tell, I love Josie Maran products. I use this cheek satin on my lips just as much as on my cheeks. Maybe even more. It's a perfect dual purpose product that gives you one less thing to  carry in your bag. The color is buildable so you don't need to worry about looking like a clown, and it gives you a natural flushed look.

 Lancome Mascara: Eyelashes are my favorite. I used to get the best lash extensions in the world, but I don't trust anyone on this island or really anyone in the world but Sarah Maxwell to glue anything on to my face. This Lancome Mascara gives me the length I want, but never gets clumpy. I hate clumpy spider lashes. Sephora has samples of this mascara for points all the time, so I grab them when I can to throw in my travel pouch or clutch.