Yesterday was a Black & White with Gold all over kind of day. Whenever I'm finding ways to wear pajama-like clothing in public, I like to vamp it up with bold jewelry or a bright lip. And with that much going on, I usually throw my undone hair up into a topknot to take the serious level down a notch. This Monrow shirt has been a friend of mine for years. In my early twenties, I would wear it as a dress. That's right, no pants.  I was cray cray. But at 21 you are supposed to be crazy. The necklace is one of my favorite pieces of Chloe+Isabel ever, but sadly just as I was posting this, it sold out. They do however have more of the sculpted father line, which includes an amazing hinge cuff and a dainty feather necklace that I wear all the time. My pants were a TJ Maxx find that I have worn with everything from flip-flops to heels. I feels like a slouchy pant can do no wrong right now. And I love that. And the sunglasses are my favorite Forever21 finds. I have had 3 pairs of these beauties. They are the Save version of a Splurge vs Save I did a while back, and I just keep going back for more!   

Monrow Shirt // Printed Pants from TJMaxx: Similar & Similar // VS PINK Tank 

Chloe + Isabel Necklace (More of the Feather Line) // Zara Chain Necklas as a Bracelet  

Boots // Sunnies (Splurge v Save)



Hey Ladies!

I made my first ever video blog, and I'm super nervous about it. BUT I try to remind myself that you are allowed to be a beginner sometimes, and not everything has to be perfect all the time. Plus, it was a must because I wanted to talk about the Macro Exfoliator from Rodan+Fields and felt like a write up just wouldn't convey my love enough. This thing is Amazeballz.

So see it's glory first hand HERE!

(And be nice.)

Music by Justin Timberlake "Let The Groove Get In" 

Oreo Ice Cream Cake!!

This weekend my family was in town to celebrate my sister's birthday. It was a ton of fun, and went by incredibly too quickly. 

They landed on Thursday, her actual birthday, which is also why I was MIA from the blog. I decided to greet them with a favorite home cooked meal. J made an amazing pulled pork, which I will have to post soon, and I worked on an Ice Cream Oreo Cookie Cake. Its simple and fun, and we picked at it all weekend. 

Here's what you need:

  • A bow of Oreo's (In Nassau I could only get them in the individual sleeves So, I used 3 sleeves.)
  • 1 Quart of Vanilla Ice Cream or the ice cream of your choice
  • Cool Whip
  • 2 jars of chocolate fudge
  • A Blender
  • A casserole dish

First,  set the ice cream and the Cool Whip on the counter to soften. This really helps with molding it in the dish later. Now, throw 2 sleeves of the Oreo's into the blender and press pulse. You don't want to crumble the cookies too much, because the fun is in the crunchiness. 

Pour 1/3 of the crumbles into the bottom of the casserole dish. Now scoop out half of the ice cream, and layer it on top of the cookie crumbs. I used my fingers to spread the ice cream evenly, since that was the easiest way to do it without moving the cookies too much. Add a second layer of another 1/3 the Oreo crumble, the second half of the ice cream quart, and then the final layer of cookie crumble. 

Now take out that chocolate fudge, and drizzle to your hearts content! (If you love chocolate fudge, you can add a layer earlier on, I didn't, but I might next time!)  I used about a jar and a half of chocolate fudge. Deliciousness. 

Now for the final layer! The Cool Whip layer! I put in the entire container, and used a spoon and my fingers to smooth it out. Finally I wiped off the sides of the dish with a paper towel, and added some full Oreo cookies to the top to decorate it. 

Cover the dish with tin foil and put it in the freezer overnight to settle and re-freeze. 

This is an amazing way to make Ice Cream cake at home. It's easy, appreciated, and feels just a little more luxurious that the everyday cake. 

Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Kelly's Fashion Finder! How many times do you watch Kelly & Michael LIVE! and find yourself saying "Damn Kelly looks amazing!" Basically daily. Well, on their website they actually tell you what she's wearing! Most of it is out of price point for me, but it's still fun to look at and watch for the affordable moments. And they have guests break down their outfits as well!  Oh and there's a Pinterest for it as well!

2. E! News has a great shopping segment that a friend introduced me to, Love It? Buy It! They do some amazing sales, but you have to be quick!

3. Surviving Jack. Now if you haven't heard of the book I Suck at Girls by Justin Halpern, you are missing out. Please read it. Buy it. Love it. It is absolutely hilarious and this new comedy is based on it. 

4. Jardins Du Midi! Chloe & Isabel's new fragrance is amazing. I love a nice perfume, and I'm super picky. But when my mom finally brought me my bottle from the states yesterday, I knew I was hooked. Maegan just won a bottle in FromCtoC's first ever giveaway and I can't wait to hear how she loves it!

5. Phillip Phillips is my boyfriend. I mean, I have a fiancé, but Phillip Phillips is my man crush. He is just about to drop his second album and go on tour with OAR. AND his new single Raging Fire is just that... Fire. I absolutely love it. Watch the brand new video HERE.  Download it HERE!

What's In My Cart...

Lately my Revolve Clothing cart is just staring at me. Filling up, and staring at me. I am trying to be more financially responsible with the wedding only 4 months away (!!!), so instead of making the purchases, I have left some beauties in my shopping cart to see if I still want them over time. If they sell out I guess it wasn't meant to be. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself. 

Here is what I am pondering on... Obviously, I'm really into dresses right now. I find them to be so easy and versatile. Plus, back in LA, when I was running around or nannying, I never got to wear dresses. So, now I'm lapping up the sundress fun. 

Home Inspiration // Pottery Barn Sale!

My mom, sister, and friend are visiting on Thursday (aka Carly's BIRTHDAY)!! It will be the FIRST time people actually staying with us in our new home, here in Nassau, Bahamas. My family has come via cruise ship before for a nice long day, and so have some friends. But this time the guest rooms will actually be used! I am so pumped I can't even explain. But I am an odd ball, and instead of worrying about normal things, I am cleaning like a freak. I have already reorganized my make-up cabinet. (Molly would be proud!) And now I'm on to junk drawers. 

So, I apologize for neglecting the blog a bit this week. OOTD posts and fun collaborations are to come, but I need to finish my cleaning tear. 

Here's some inspiration for what I pretend our beach home looks like mixed with a few things I am lusting over from Pottery Barns Warehouse Clearance Sale!. It's getting closer to making this dream home a reality, but like everything in the Bahamas, it takes some time. 

As J would say, "TIB!" aka This Is Bahamas. 

Pottery Barn: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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Weekly What I'm Into!


1. Unroll Me! Who knew I was enrolled in over 700 mass email subscriptions?! No wonder I would lose emails!  Unroll Me is an amazing site. You log in, it finds every subscription you are a part of and then you can choose to leave or stay in those subscriptions. AND they have the option to "Roll Up" emails into one email that you will get at the end of the day! You can put all those deal emails into one email and stop junking up your inbox! I love it. 

2. Rodan + Fields. I'm a consultant! Their AMP MD System firm roller is all of the rage and their Sunless Foaming Tanner is EVERYTHING for Spring and Summer! Girl, get your glow on!

3. This DIY Vase post! I love the gold stripes and they pairing with the pink peonies! Thats a peony right?!

4. Once again, Alex Preston. His original song performance of "Fairytales", on American Idol this week melted my little heart. I can't wait to watch him win this season!

5. Rita Ora. I Will Never Let You Down. I never really had heard a Rita Ora song, because apparently I live under a rock. But I love this song so much!

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If you asked me what I would save in a fire, I would name the normal: computer, pictures, fine jewelry, etc. But what I wouldn't need to "save" is my Frye boots, because they'd be on my feet. 

I wear these boots like there is no tomorrow, even in Nassau, Bahamas.

Even when it's 95 degrees outside.

I got these babies almost 4 years ago, and they are tough as hell. They are my top go to shoes of all time. I love them. Seriously, love.


H&M Dress: Similar // Frye Boots 

Arm Party:

1 // 2 // 3

AND The GIVEAWAY is still going on! Don't miss it! Click here to enter!

Spring Giveaway!!

I am SO thrilled to announce Chloe + Isabel is releasing it's first fragrance. Jardins Du Midi. described the highly anticipated perfume this morning by saying "Jardins du Midi was inspired by a midday, sunlit walk through the lush orchards of the South of France... With notes of Lush Peach Nectar, Bergamot, Jasmine Sambac, White Violet, and Vanilla Absolute, the fragrance's name is also derived from the region, which is colloquially known as le Midi, which literally means midday." And Womens Wear Daily will be running a feature on the fragrance later this month! Eek!

It has been ranked with the scents of Chanel and Gucci, but comes at only $58 a bottle!

And to CELEBRATE!!! I am hosting my very first giveaway on the blog! 

Enter below for a chance to win a bottle of this new fragrance AND my favorite piece from the new Tresco Isle limited edition collection! The Abbey Garden Bracelet!

Yay for free stuff!

What I Wore: Morning Walk

This morning a friend of mine invited me for a morning walk. Since I sit at my computer and time usually passes me by with out me even realizing, I figured it would be a great way to start the morning. So, I rolled out of bed, grabbed my coffee and my sunnies and decided to meet the day.

But first, I put on some of my favorite things..

BeLove Tank // Elisabetta Rogiani Yoga Pants // Wayfarer Sunglasses

Reusable Starbucks Coffe Cup // Prana Bra Top // Nike FreeRuns


Sex And The City Style... Still Good?

I was looking through some old Sex and The City outfits, and found it amazing how timeless most of them are. Patricia Fields and Sarah Jessica parker can't do much wrong. And with her new SJP Collection shoe line and the 90's making a huge come back in style, I figured I would post a few looks and see your thoughts...

What do you think? Still wearable today? 

OOTD: Madewell // JBrand // Aldo

Yesterday we had a few meetings to go to, but in The Bahamas you never want to be too covered or overdressed. It's a million degrees out, and starting to get humid. 

This Madewell top is perfect for situations like this. Madewell has some of the best tops and blouses (well, clothing) out there. You can make almost all of their tops day/night and business/play pieces. They are perfectly modern and classic. This eyelet cotton top is structured, but not over baring, and pairing it with a bold necklace makes it a little more youthful, and fun. I am a fan of making the necklace the star. I got this particular necklace at The Rose Bowl Market in Pasadena. It was $15! But I listed a few similar links below. The Forever21 necklaces are AMAZING at under $7!!

These J Brand black jeans are a favorite of mine! I cuffed the ankle to give them a more causal and styled look, and paired the outfit with a close toed classic nude pump by ALDO. Any other shoe might have been too fashion-y for the occasion, so I went with a Kate Middleton-esque look. 

I'm known as the girl with bags with-in bags. It's almost a joke. People love giving me mini make-up and pencil bags, and I love it and use them all. At any given time, there are 3 mini bags within my purse. From 4 years of nannying, I am prepared for the end of the world, and I like it that way. I call it "My One Fine Day Bag". I was so inspired by Michelle Pfeiffer being ready for anything. And the scene wear she switches into a dinosaur t-shirt, and has toy cars for her construction model... I mean, my hero.

Madewell Tops & Blouses // ALDO pumps Very Similar // J Brand Jeans 

Similar Statement Necklaces:  Forever21 // Forever21 // Neiman Marcus

Square Crystal Stud  Earrings by Chloe + Isabel!

Madewell JBrand FromCtoC 1
Madewell JBrand FromCtoC 4
Madewell JBrand FromCtoC 2
Madewell JBrand FromCtoC 3
Madewell JBrand FromCtoC Necklace
FromCtoC bag

Weekly What I'm Into

Another week, a ton more fun things!

1. Beyonce Nail Decals. Obviously I ordered these. They were necessary. 

2. Jake Bugg. You and Me. Jake performed on American Idol a few weeks back and I can;t get this song out of my head. He reminds me of Bob Dylan and I love every second of it.

3. Alex. Alex. Alex. Alex Preston on American Idol is everything. His rendition of Don't Speak was EVERYTHING.

4. Champagne Basics. Cupcakes & Cashmere is a HUGE inspiration for me. And I am very into champagne right now. So this is basically amazing for me.

5.Buzzfeed. Which Wine Should You Actually Be Drinking? Look Champagne is great, but I love wine. And this quiz is not only amazing, but handy

Casual Grey...

Today I felt like being easy breezy. I was headed to lunch with a gal pal and didn't want a lot of fuss going on with my wardrobe. So I kept my life and my clothing basic. I threw on my American Apparel grey razorback dress, an oversized t-shirt from Splendid, and my Cole Haan loafers. Then just added a pair of earrings and a wrap bracelet to glitter myself up, and carried on. 


Similar Top // Dress // Loafers (Old by Cole Haan) // Earrings // Bracelet // Sunnies (Similar)

American Apparel Grey Dress Splendid Shirt
Target Sunglasses Chloe Isabel Bracelet FromCtoC

Congratulations RAZON!

This week RAZŌN launches it's brand new wooden sunglass line from Miami, FL. 

For each pair of sunglasses sold, RAZŌN (Spanish for "Reason") will provide prescription eyeglasses for 3 people in the developing world. Their first line this unique brand will debut with their signature Bamboo, Ebony, and Rosewood frames. 

To make sure their vision is achieved, RAZŌN has partnered with the global eye-care organization, Eyejusters. And in an effort to show you the true colors and dedication of the brand, RAZŌN will send you a digital tracking code with your order, so that you can track the donated pairs of prescription glasses, as they are delivered to individuals in the developing world.

I can't wait to get my hands on a pair!

Razon logo
RAZŌN sunglasses 2

Sunday Morning...

Saturday night I could NOT sleep. I have no idea why, but it wasn't happening. So Sunday morning, when it was time for church, I was struggling. So I went to some go to pieces for some quick help. I wanted to still feel comfortable, put look pulled together, and appropriate for church. 

These patterned tuxedo pants were an H&M find from back in LA. I just love the pattern ,and I am loving Pink & Ink colors for Spring//Summer. Any time you can find a pant that functions as comfortable and stylish, BUY THEM. You will never regret it. What you will regret, is super uncomfortable and tight pants. Especially at work, church, or sitting in traffic. Just saying.

The tank is just a simple Seven For All Mankind rib tank. It's so cozy, and I loved pairing a light grey casual top with the pattern on the pants. 

I added my classic Zara nude heeled sandals, and an old J.Crew giraffe necklace to add a touch of fancy to the cozy look.

Makeup wise, I left a pretty blank canvas. Boscia BB Cream and some light blush. 

Tank // Pants //  Giraffe Necklace // Similar Heels

Summer Skin by Rodan + Fields

Here's a little secret you might not know about me... I battle with acne. 

For years my skin would break out in major, and painful ways. I tried everything! From every product you can think of, to celebrity dermatologists. Nothing helped. It would either get worse, or would slightly clear up, but would make my face so dry that it would crack. Literally crack. And when I would use anything to gently exfoliate, my skin would go absolutely insane and the breakouts would triple. I would make up major excuses, but the truth was I just couldn't figure it out and I was getting desperate.

Until last year.

Last year a friend of mine introduced me to Rodan + Fields. It literally changed my life. I used to put makeup on on family vacations to go to the beach or the pool. I would NEVER let people see me without at least foundation, and tinted moisturizers were a joke to me. They didn't even begin to cover all of the blemishes on my face. I even refused to wear lipstick or earrings. Seriously. I didn't want any attention drawn to my face. It took my fiancé, 3 years to see me in earrings! But about a week or two into using Rodan + Fields, my skin changed. I use the Unblemish, and I couldn't imagine life with out it.  I live in the Caribbean, so heavy makeup looks and feels ridiculous. Now, if I even wear makeup during the day, I use a super light BB cream with SPF (Boscia), a tad bit of blush, AND if I'm feeling crazy: lipstick! Thats all.  If any.

Thank goodness I got it all under control before I moved. 

My sister uses Rodan + Fields, as well. She doesn't battle with acne, but instead loves how Rodan + Fields Reverse has cured her sun damage spots over the past year. Once her sun spots were gone, she switched to Soothe just to keep the goodness going. This week, she took the leap and became a consultant. I am so excited about this! We both love the products, and results, so much that we wanted to spread the word. We waited over a year before having her join the Rodan + Fields team, because we both wanted to 100%  believe in the products before discussing them with others. When it comes to clothes, accessories, and shoes... its all fun. No one gets hurt. But skin, especially when we are facing issues and insecurities, is a sensitive subject. I would never want anyone to feel the frustration and, honestly, pain that I felt when struggling with acne. 

Check out Rodan + Fields. I swear to you that you will love it, and never look back.

Spring is here! So put your best face forward. Because confidence never goes out of style.

Figure out what line suits you best HERE!!

The first photo is one day in, and next to it is just a few weeks later. 

Rodan Fields Before After UnBlemish 1

My skin now.. completely un-retouched. (Excuse my squinty eyes, the sun was uber bright!)

Candace Marie Celmer Rodan Fields Closeup After

Weekly What I'm Into:

I'd like to start a new tradition over here on FromCtoC...

Weekly What I'm Into!

I'll be sharing my favorite links to my favorite things of the week. Anything from Funny cats, to shopping, to music...

Weekly What Im Into Logo FromCtoC

This Weeks Favorites!

1. Madewell's Springlook book perfection. I love everything in every photo shown. Like everything. From styling to design, they got it right! 

2. 30 things only cat owners understand... I literally laughed myself to tears. The link is funking sometimes, but it's worth trying it a few times if you're a cat owner.

3. Marie Forleo and MarieTV. I love Marie. I usually start my day by watching a few of her videos to get me on the motivated foot

4. Courtney Kerr for BaubleBar. I love everything on her guest bartender, I could go cray cray shopping on this.

5. Houzz. I am still in decorating mode for our new home. Now that we are almost all settled, it's time for Spring Cleaning and  finishing touches. I love Houzz for inspiration.