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Swim Week is over and Im finally coming up for air! Give me time to get back in the groove. With the wedding 23 days away, I have a ton of stuff to get done. But I will do my absolute best to make sure I can get as much as possible up on the blog. The Riviere Agency and I had an incredible time taking part in MBFW. I can;t wait to compile all of the BTS photos for you!

This H&M dress is one of those finds you cherish forever. I have had the dress for years and it is a go to for meetings, and sophisticated nights out. When you hunt pieces down you can always look like a million dollars for less. Something I'll add a blazer to it for the sexier secretary look. So chic and cozy. And the color never goes out of style. 

Bangles by Alex & Ani

Shoes by ALDO

ALDO is actually having a ridiculous sale right now! Check it out HERE!

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Life Is A Joke

This Kate Moss tee is a suedo-replacement in my closet. I originally had a Heidi Klum shirt that was deemed too vulgar to wear on the island by my too sweet husband-to-be. So, when I came across this one  at Azul Boutique in Village of Merrick Place, I had to have it. It doesn't hurt that I had just done Deco Drive with Azul so I loved supporting the store. 

It's been a while since graphic tees were in. And I'm NGL. I missed them.  I remember rocking some words and phrases nonstop in the late 90's // early 2000s. Everyone from LAMB to Abercrombie & Fitch was in graphic design madness, and then we nixed it for a few years. Or at least I did. But to me, I feel like the graphic tee went away so that it could be refined. Polished. So that we (I) could learn how to spruce it up. This ElevenParis tee is as comfy as they come; it's got a mustache on it, it's a nod to fashion icon Kate Moss, and it reminds you to live life on the lighter side. Nothing better. Sign me up.


Shirt // Shorts // Bracelets // Boots

Other Graphic Tee's I'm Loving!

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Lady in Lace

As I've mentioned before, Forever21 has been killing it for me lately. This lace midi skirt and blush blouse are both from Forever21, and I get complemented on them every time I wear them. While I am only 5ft tall, and may end up tailoring these pieces here and there, I felt like such a lady in the look. It was my church look this week. The colors felt light and airy, and adding in a pop of color with the teal drop earrings added a fun flare to the outfit. I love that the midi skirt trend is back, and I hope it stays around for a while. It's nice to get dressed and be able to feel just as ladylike as fashion forward.

Remember: Following trends does't have to cost a million dollars. This top is only $14.80 and the skirt was only $22.80! Add in some cute earrings and a closet staple nude heel and you are good to go! Don't get caught up in over spending on things that are jeans, watches, or skin care. Places like Forever21 give you the opportunity to try a look out for a great price. And even though it has 21 in the name, don't be fooled by that! Anyone can find themselves a great piece in that store. Even if it's just your favorite cotton tee, like the one I got there in this look. It's just about taking the time to look through pieces and ignore sizing! Seriously! Ignore the sizing! 90% of the stores you go to have different sizing. Don't judge yourself. Try it on. Alter it. Live it. Love it.   


Top // Bangles 

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Blue & Grey // Rainy Day Casual

Here in the tropics it rains everyday. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes all day. Honestly, I find it refreshing. I grew up in Miami, FL where 3 o'clock rain was the norm, and then spent 7 years missing the sound of rain on my windows. Something about rain feels like a good cry. Sometimes it's a sun shower, a little bit of happy tears. And sometimes it's a hardcore dark day of storms. The type of day, in Florida, that we pretend is a snow day. It's time to throw on our softest jammies, with our coziest socks, watch a great chick flick, and make a creamy cup of hot chocolate.  Either way, when it's over, I feel lighter. 

Dressing for the rain has 2 options... 1) Play it up. Polka dotted umbrella. A full skirt. A great colorful rain coat. OR 2) Take it down to a natural notch. Embrace the messy hair. And peel off the layers.

Today, I went with the later. It felt like a heavier day in my personal life. A lot going on in every facet. But taking it down to bare skin and a simple look, with no jewels. Just felt like a big long sigh. And then suddenly I started to feel much better. 


Similar Skirt // Tank // Similar Shoes

Keepin' It Simple

Fashion is all about fun. But sometimes.. fine, most of the time... I like to keep it simple. There is nothing better than a perfect cotton tee and this one... get ready... is $3.80! WHHATTT! I just ordered 2 more. 

Forever21 has been killing it for me lately. They just had a sale that blew my mind. (I may have gone overboard on my order. We shall see.) It used to be H&M that had hit and miss pieces for me, but whoever the new buyer is for Forever21 is on point. Their quality as gone up, and lately when I have been wearing their pieces, people have asked me "Oh where'd you get that?!", and they are subsquently shocked when I say Forever21. Not to mention they carry my favorite hair brush of all time. Which is also $3.80! (And I have tried many.)


Favorite Tee // AG Jeans 

Crafts & Love Necklace // Boots // Earrings

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