Today I woke up a little unsure of the purpose of FromCtoC. In the past few weeks, I have experienced haters, along with an amazing amount of new "likers". And with the likers, and haters, came the desire to want to put out better content, to find a clear purpose for what I'm doing day to day, and to be genuine. So that when people say mean things for no reason, I can use that to move me forward. I have loved the conversations that have started to go on here. I have loved e-meeting other bloggers in beauty, fashion, and lifestyle veins around the world. Some similar to FromCtoC, and some completely different. I have loved learning new things about partnerships, PR, advertising, clothing, affiliates, HTML, web design, and more. I love the opportunities FromCtoC has given be, and the courage it has given me to try even bigger things. There are changes in life that I never planned on. (Moving to LA. Working at TeenVogue/Vogue. Moving to The Bahamas.) But I feel that life takes you where you are supposed to go. And if you don't drag your feet and hate on it, you can find inspiration to do things you never thought you were capable of doing. FromCtoC is that for me. It's not allowing people and the world to tell me what to do or how to do it. It's learning to live exactly how I feel, out loud. 

Having said that, while I was sitting, staring at my computer trying to find my purpose, (I know, I know!) I decided to pull some of the things that I love about the new month. October might me one of my absolute favorite months. Even though I have always lived in a tropical climate, my mom always created the seasons for us. Our home was full of decorations that never felt overdone or cheapy. She was Pinterest before Pinterest. 

Here is what I'm excited for this month!

Taylor Swift's new album drops this month! If Shake It Off was a sneak peek, I can't wait. Whenever her albums drop, they are on repeat in my home for months. And the new Ed Sheeran record could use a break. I can't wait to jump around to her new songs. // Pumpkin Spiced Lattes!! I'll be in New York at the end of the month, and it will be the absolute perfect temperature to grab on to a warm grande PSL. // Pottery Barn Halloween home decor. I love a mercury glass pumpkin, or bones in the hurricane candle holder. These Halloween cloth napkins are the perfect touch to host an adults night in. Pull these babies out with some spiked cider and a pumpkin pie, and your friends will want to spend every holiday at your place. // Sweater weather is the best. I don't think I would survive below 20 degrees (Sorry, Syracuse loves!), but I love a nip in the air. The type of weather you can throw on a cozy sweater and sit in front of a fireplace with friends, sounds perfect to me. (This one is from Urban Outfitters.) // And last but never least, Toddler Halloween Costumes. Having nannied for years, this is my favorite thing next to picking out my own Halloween costume. There is nothing cuter than a baby in a flawless get-up. Our friends once dressed their entire family in home-made gnome costumes, and it was incredible, but this oompa-loompa costume might take the cake. 

How you ever felt challenged for more purpose? What is inspiring you this month?

Tell me in the comments! 

October Inspiration

PopSugar Must Haves: September

I know! I know! I am super late on the box thing. But I live on an island, and it's a miracle it even gets to me. this box was pretty great. Every month I say Im going to cancel, but then I get the box and can't wait to see what's in it the next month. It's gives me a little bit of surprise and birthday feeling fun all year round. 

Out of all the boxes, PopSugar Must Haves has been my favorite so fair. I have cancelled other monthly subscription because over time I have found them useless and junky. Getting stuff I'll never use. I use ALL of my Must Haves. PopSugar sends me high quality products that I actually want to try. They have added fun details to my life and I am big fan. 

The September PopSugar Box included: $20 toward a Nike Sports Bra. A Tilo Scarf. An Urban Remedy Organic Snack Bar with a $10 off any purchase gift card. Oribe Superfine Purse Hairspray. Rifle Co. Assorted Girls Greeting Card set. Design C Arrow Pencils and Pencil Sharpener. and Nicole Miller Stereo Earbuds

Overall I think it was a great box. My earbuds are cobalt blue, and I just feel like you can never have enough of those in your house or car. It's always when I need some that I can't find any or hey are broken. The pencils and note cards could spruce up any desk, and would make a great way to gift someone a gift card over the upcoming holidays! Tying one of these adorable pencils to one of these adorable notecards, would make wrapping easy for anyone. Oribe is a FAVORITE of mine. I was introduced to their products at the 901 Salon in Los Angeles. Their texturizing spray is a staple for me. The Urban Remedy snack bar was pretty good. It tasted healthy, but It definitely replaced me munching on a bunch of junk food while writing this! I'm already picking out a Nike Sports Bra since I got my box yesterday, and this Tilo scarf is a dream! I believe I'll be heading to New York in a few weeks, and I can't wait to put it to use! I might just hold off and get ooonnnneee mooorrreee box. Can't hurt right?

Photo C/O PopSugar's Website.

Photo C/O PopSugar's Website.

Sunset Stroll x Oversized Hoodie

Saturday was a low key day after celebrating a few friends birthdays Thursday and Friday. J and I slept on and off all day, watched football, and he made some delicious beignets and empanadas. It was one of those days that you just feel unbelievably blessed. Right at sunset we went for a little stroll outside in out neighborhood to get our legs moving before a cheese plate dinner, and the beginning of writing our wedding thank you notes. (Yes, we just started. Sorry everyone! They are coming!)

I ordered this over sized hoodie from GAPBody during their 40% off sale, and just got it due to our painfully slow mail system here in Nassau. The second it came in the mail, I wanted to wear it. I wore a similar outfit the day it arrived  to great hidden island gem called, La Hippica. It's a bar that is only open on Thursdays, on a barn. It was 95 degrees outside, but I was bloated, and the idea of a hoodie and shorts was the only thing that made going out manageable. I loved the outfit so much, I threw it on again (after washing it) for our little walk. 

I threw on my favorite lipstick L'Oreal's Collection Privee The Perfect Nudes in Eva. I discovered these through my beautiful BFF, Molly at GirlGetGlamorous, earlier in the year. We hoarded the Jennifer one, and celebrated when the line became permanent. But now that Fall is here, the Eva just feels so right. I have been wearing it a lot! It's just so creamy and wonderful. With just enough pigment for an Island Fall. J even complemented it and he isn't a lipstick fan.

#TBTHalloweenHowTo: Pretty Woman Costume

When I first started FromCtoC, I posted my Halloweens Past for inspiration. But with Halloween around the corner, I'm going to tell you how to actually get those looks. This is a big deal. I am SERIOUS about Halloween and rarely even share my ideas before game day, but I love you, and you've been kind to me. So, as our first #TBTHalloweenHowTo I'm breaking down how to achieve my Pretty Woman costume. Get out your scissors and your gloves, because that dress doesn't exist.

It's time to DIY! (DIY info is below with supplies and instructions!)


Boots // American Apparel Ribbed Dress // Purse (I used my mom's old Dooney Burke) // Oversized Blazer

Safety Pins // Earrings // Gold Condom Wrapper ( For in your boot, duh!) // Bangles 

Necklace Ideas: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

**Remember to check your local thrift store and eBay for these pieces! She wasn't ballin', she was a hoe, some wear and tear works! The fun is in the hunt!

Pretty Woman Halloween Costume How To

As for the DIY! Head over to your local CVS or craft store and pick up a bottle of blue Rit dye. You will only be dying the bottom part of the dress, so make sure you cut carefully! I bought 2 dresses when I did this just in case. (And kept the tags on the back up dress!) I do not own a sewing machine, so I used sew-less hemming tape and ironed all of my edges. 

DIY Needs:

Circular Rings (I used light weight shower curtain rings. You can use hoop earrings? Get creative!) // Rit Dye in Blue or Navy // Your Ribbed Cotton Dress // A Bucket // Gloves! // Sew-less Hem Tape // Needle and Thread

  • Wash and dry Dress #1
  • Put the dress ON YOUR BODY inside out and use a pen to trace where you will be cutting the dress. Remembering to leave room for the hem tape. You can always cut more! 
  • Take the dress off and lay it on the floor flat. 
  • Being generous with that hem tape space, cut the sides out of the dress. Leaving the middle strips.
  • Try the dress on again
  • Take the dress off and snip the middle strips. 
  • Take the bottom portion of the dress and tie it up with rubber bands.
  • Follow the directions on the Dye bottle to achieve desired color.
  • Wash the bottom of the dress to rinse off the extra dye.
  • Inside out. Lay the pieces on the floor. Grab the hem tape, needle and thread, and your rings. If you are craftier than me, you can sew this part. 
  • Start ironing the hem lines that surround your stomach.
  • Place the rings in the front and back middle strips of the dress. Fold the strip of fabric towards you (remember the dress is inside out) over the rings, and use a needle and thread to add a light stitch. These have weight, so adding a stitch helps to insure you won't fall apart at your party. 
  • Turn the dress back to right side out and try that baby on!

I know these are vague instructions, but feel free to ask me any questions in the comments below! This dress is going to be short, as a courtesy to your friends and family, I suggest booty short underwear or shorts. Just because you are in a hooker costume doesn't mean you need to go full hoe.

25 Facts About Me! (+Sales!)

After all of the OOTD's, I've been slowly taking FromCtoC in a more personal and fun direction. Sharing What's In My Bag's, and wish lists. I wanted to open this new chapter with a few insider fun facts about me as a person. I would love for you to tell me little known facts about yourself in the comments, or maybe one we share? It's about building a community. And I love to hear from you. 

I may have also included a ton of sales at the bottom of the post. Because Autumn just started, and Wednesdays are for shopping! ;-)

Facts About FromCtoC // Candace Marie Celmer

Click the images or the links below to head to your favorite sale!