101 in 1001

I was recently been inspired by Fancy Things to create my very own list of 101 things I hope to accomplish in 1001 days. (I couldn’t think of a better way to launch the new blog design!) I spent hours putting this new design together, rather than just paying someone else to do it. I decided that I want to be able to create things on my own. Teach a man to fish, and he’ll never go hungry. Right? 

I used Kristin's for inspiration and molded it to my very own 101 things. I think this an absolutely AMAZING idea. Some of these are going to be easier than others, but I think having a list is a great way to motivate myself, and see my progress. I’ll update my progress every once in a while, so you can take the journey with me!

(As I go, I will unbold them. Add learning how to cross things off on SquareSpace to my list!) 

And if I can make this all happen in less than 1001 days? I’ll make a new list! Never stop pushing yourself.


Start date: 1.14.14

End date: 10.11.16.


1. Create my own 101 in 1001 list  (1.14.14)

2. Do one thing I love every day

3. Be my own boss.

4. Make this blog everything it can be.

5. Launch my new website

6. Book 4+ commercials

7. Film 3+ acting gigs in TV or FILM

8. Learn CSS + HTML

9. Work with a photographer on outfit posts (cough, Katie Lopez.)

10. Design & print my own business cards

11. Go on a spontaneous weekend getaway

12. Visit at least 12+ Islands of the Bahamas

13. Work with a designer on a collaboration

14. Go on our honeymoon.

15. Donate 10% of my income to a charity I believe in

16. Go on an Alaskan cruise with my family.

17. Learn to eat multiple small meals a day.

18. Rock a pretty tulle skirt

19. Go on 5 double dates

20. Learn calligraphy

21. Invest in a pair of Christian Louboutin pumps

22. Try 10 new to me restaurants.

23. Donate clothing to the homeless

24. Attend Miami Fashion Week

25. Attend New York Fashion Week

26. Visit Ireland

27. Have dinner at Barton G’s

28. Read the bible. All of it.

29. Learn to like running

30. Pull our home design together

31. Keep track of my expenses (taxes, receipts etc.)

32. Meet 3 blog friends in person

33. Create my dream home office

34. Go Disney for the Food & Wine Fest

35. Be featured in a popular magazine

36. Read 15 new books

37. Run a marathon (Eek, maybe a half?! No. A full.)

38. Go to bed by 10 PM on week days for a week

39. Teach a regular yoga class

40. Give 10 "just because" gifts

41. Shut off TV/computer an hour before bed for a week

42. Reach my goal healthy weight

43. Get my savings account to a comfortable amount.

44. Learn 10 recipes by heart!

45. Invest in Photoshop

46. Invest in a great camera

47. Cook healthy dinners every night for a week

48. Take a graphic design class

49. Enjoy my Bachelorette party

50. Invest in a designer handbag (Chanel?)

51. Plan blog posts a week in advance for a whole month

52. Watch all five "Best Picture" nominees before the Oscars

53. Create a media kit for my blog

54. Have my parents write down their family history

55. Create a media kit for my acting

56. Handwrite Thank You notes

57. Reach 10K followers on Facebook

58. Reach 10K followers on Instagram

59. Learn more about photography

60. Get Married!!

61. Have a baby (Again, Eek!)

62. Be a regular contributor for a popular blog/website

63. Meet up with 3 old friends

64. Create a gallery wall for my workspace

65. Learn how to do my hair. Like really do my hair.

66. Complete a computer/social media free weekend

67. Find a meditation routine

68. Do Christmas Cards every year.

69. Practice morning yoga

70. Don't say anything negative for 3 days.

71. See a play

72. See Britney in Las Vegas

73. Take a train to somewhere new

74. Do an On Air Live interview

75. Bake a homemade apple pie

76. Swim with the dolphins

77. Have a picnic

78. Revamp my mom’s house (Nicole Curtis, here I come!)

79. Mentor kids.

80. Enjoy a spa day with my mom and sister

81. Create my American Flag DIY project

82. Help someone else build their blog

83. Get involved with an organization

84. Get rid of clutter in my room

85. Write a book

86. Pay for a stranger’s coffee

87. Meet Bethenny Frankel

88. Make 5 recipes from Pinterest

89. Buy fresh flowers once a week for a month

90. Teach an acting class

91. Stay in a log cabin

92. Surprise Jeff with something special

93. Be featured in a South Florida Magazine

94. Attend a taping of Kelly & Michael Live

95. Take a bath at least once a week for a month

96. Teach a regular dance class

97. Attend a Blog Conference

98. Go to Brazil

99. Send 25 handwritten notes just because

100. Wear sparkles just because

101. Inspire someone to write their own list (let me know if you create one!)