29 Weeks :: WIW to Church + Check In

Well here we are... 29 weeks pregnant. It barely feels like real life. As we get closer I face mini panic attacks about the changes that are coming in just 11 weeks. I pray I'm ready. Jeff is pumped for the changes, I am already missing sleep. 

Challenges come in all shapes and sizes these days. I can't put my own shoes on 80% of the time. Luckily I have a lovely husband who doesn't fret when I walk out to the couch with my shoes in my hand or just sit on the edge of the bed and lift a foot. I wonder what I will do when I'm 9 months and he isn't in town. (Hi Mom! I love you!) Overall I have had an amazingly smooth and healthy pregnancy. I feel so lucky to have gotten this far with out any real issues. I understand the women who want to be pregnant all the time, and I also understand Kim Kardashian who thinks pregnancy is basically hell on earth. It could go either way. Depends on the day really. It will be amazing to have my body back, but it's also cool to realize it has just been on lease to me this whole time anyways. 

Clothing is a massive challenge. I really hate buying things that will only work for a few months but I do what I can. I bought this dress when I was 12 weeks pregnant to hide the bump. There is no hiding it any more. The side by side at the bottom of this post made me miss (and finally appreciate) my body and hope that I can get it back quickly. (It also made me ready to take my hair back to the light side. There was a tragic WT highlighting incident and I was forced to go dark brown.) It will be an interesting journey, but I am motivated to live in a healthy space and give myself the time I need. 

12 Weeks VS 29 Weeks