36 Weeks :: Isabella Oliver

Hello, 36 weeks! AKA 9 months or the time period where you start going "OMG I'm a house for a full sized human."

This is an actual conversation that took place on this very day while in this very dress...

Target Checkout Lady upon me walking up: "Wow!"

Me: "yup."

Target Lady: "Twins, right?!"

Me: "Nope. Just one."

Target Lady: "Oh wow. Big baby."

It's been real. Every single stranger is just waiting for my water to break while I'm interacting with them. But that's okay. There's only a few weeks left and honestly I just want to soak it up. Sure my heels are killing me (I've surrendered to flats), my ankles hurt, I pee every 5-10 minutes, I have weird sensations everywhere, I need far more hugs than necessary for an adult, and I sleep maybe 2 hours at a time... But I've made a healthy baby so far, with a healthy and wonderful pregnancy. So all take the discomforts. Because there's life growing in me, and the feeling of her moving around in my belly will be gone shortly and I will miss it so much.

It's been an incredibly busy time prepping for baby. I've done a temporary move to Miami, FL to get ready to give birth here in The States, and with that has been visiting family, holidays, my 30th birthday, and a million stops at Target and Babies R Us.

Now the baby clothes are washed, there's diaper caddies stashed all over the house, and more than not we are ready for baby. All that's left on my to-do list is to call the insurance company about breast pumps and freeze my padsicles.

Even though I'm a 5 ft tall bag of baby beach balls, I still need to get dressed like a human every day. More so than when I was on the rock. This task is becoming difficult.  A good amount of my shoes don't fit or hurt my heels, and I have about 2 pairs of leggings and 3 dresses that fit this ever growing belly. This Isabella Oliver dress being the fanciest. So, she gets worn out constantly. I wear this baby to church and beyond. It's so comfortable, has a built in bra, and a ton of stretch. I wore it to a casual dinner the other night and Jeff said "Oh wow you got dressed up." My response was, "This is the most comfortable option available." It's true.There's nothing bothering my tummy and it just feels like pajamas. I wish I had found Isabella Oliver earlier because their body con dresses are perfection. I will be revisiting them on pregnancy number two.

The d'orsay flats are Forever21 and for $16 you can't beat them.

All in all, all is well. I'm thrilled to start 2016. I'm thrilled to start my 30's. And I am beyond thrilled to meet this baby girl. Hopefully I can keep sharing wonderful moments with you here on a regular basis

Isabella Oliver Dress // Forever21 Flats // Tory Burch Satchel