6 Tips For Shopping Online



Tips for Online Shopping.

I live on an Island. So you've heard. Here is the main truth about that fact... We order 90% of our lives online. Everything from paper towels to shoes, I'm buying it online. Sure I head to The States pretty often, but that will be happening less now that the wedding is over. And here's another secret: I used to refuse to order things online. Sure I did the occasional box, and my skincare is all online because that's the nature of the company, but clothing just never worked out for me. I always was baffled by the girls I knew that refused to enter a mall, and loved it all in boxes delivered to their door step. Now... I get it. Don't get me wrong, I miss the mall. Especially the malls in Los Angeles. Wandering through a mall is therapy for me. I could wander a mall for hours. I get completely lost in the best way. But the nature of the beast is it's now a .com life.

So here are the tips I have picked up in the last year...

1. Leave it in your bag over night. I usually online shop with a glass of wine. Who doesn't. And nothing makes you want to press that "Confirm! Give me all the pretty things!" button more than some vino. If it isn't something I've been eyeing for a while, and especially if the return policy isn't my favorite (See #6) I leave the tab open and the cart full for a few nights. I'll go back in a edit my cart a few times before actually placing an order.

2.Check the Size Guide. And then check it again. You might know your size at GAP, but that has NOTHING to do with your size in J Brand jeans, or at H&M. In fact just don't order clothing online from H&M. Not to be rude, but I don't even believe they have a within the store sizing guide. Their clothing runs all over the place. I love H&M, but I try everything on there and ignore the sizing completely. Back to my point: Not only do I check the size guide on the site I'm shopping on, but let's say I'm on Revolve Clothing, I will then look up the size chart directly on the brands website. (Side Tip: Please measure yourself! Don't buy something from your "thin" measurements, or even "fat day before you started working out just in case" measurements. Grab the measuring tape and follow the little sketched persons guidelines on the size chart.) Then I'll read the reviews on both sites to see how it runs. And then I'll probably ask a friend how the line runs on them. Leading to my next tip...

3. Read the reviews!! I know that it used to be that only angry people wrote reviews, so people stopped reading them. But now with the blog world and the growth of online shopping, reviews are extremely helpful. There's always going to be the person that ordered something 2 sizes too small and wants to blame the brand, but for the most part I find them refreshing. My friend Molly even finds pretty hilarious ones. The point is to find the common theme. If most of the reviews are about how amazing the garment is and one person is like "blahhhh I hate it!", I feel like it's safe to order. If everyone says the shoe is narrow and kills their heels, maybe its time to take a pass until you can try it on in person. 

4. Google it! If I don't know the brand that well, or I've had hits and misses with it, I google the item name and brand, adding in ootd or blog with it to see the item on real life people. I'll just instagram tags of the brand, as well. One of the reasons I have a blog, is to show people what I'm buying and wearing in real life. And usually what I'm buying and wearing is from Nordstrom, Zara, and Forever21. I'm honest about getting things altered, and I usually build that into my shopping price. I am 5 feet so I need everything at least hemmed. 

5. Check the Buttons!  Take in the details on the item. Buttons, seams, and zippers tell all. Use that view finder. My friend asked me how I pick out blouses at Forever21 online, and my biggest tip is to zoom in on the buttons. If they are fabric covered, it's usually a better blouse. Plastic and metal buttons at Forever21 are more iffy. I know people with bad Forever21 locations are cringing at how much of it I wear (Like the Tampa store. Bless their hearts.), but when I wear a good find from there, I get people of all ages asking me where I got it. Give every store a chance. But if the seams look wavy or you can see glue on the shoe, pass. Stores make items look their absolute best online, so if it still looks shotty wait on it. **I never buy anything "cheap" with a stretchy back. You know what I'm talking about? The elastic Juicy dress ripples on the back of the dress? Pass on it. You'll thank me later.

6. Check return policies. Places like Piperlime and Nordstrom are amazing. Piperlime has free returns, and Nordstrom you can keep the receipt and return it a year from now (which I've done, with a wedding belt I ended up not using). Forever21 is trickier because you only have 21 days to return the item for store credit. And accessories are final sale. I try to avoid final sale items at all cost online. Unless it's under $15, and I can give it to a friend if it's not right on me. Regardless of the store, read the fine print. Make note of the amount of days you have to return it and mark your calendar. Since I live out of the country, I order things either knowing I'm heading back to the states or I order it to my mom's house. Making my first day of visiting a day of trying things on and then returning what doesn't work. Makes packing easier too when you know there's self given presents waiting for you.

What are your favorite online shopping tips?!

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