The Perfect Vacation Memento

The Perfect Vacation Memento

Living in Nassau is not a permanent thing for me and my husband. We are briefly spending 3-4 years here for work and sometimes we just wish you could take the beach with you when we finally leave. You just want something to remember is all by...

A few months ago I found out about an incredible company, Dune Jewelry, and was beyond excited. In fact, keeping it to myself this long has felt like hiding a pregnancy. I wanted to wait until every one could see this post and how incredible this idea is.

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My Wedding: Social Media Preview & Advice!

Soon I will have my professional photos to show you, but I couldn't wait and I wanted to give you a social media sneak peek into my wedding... This is a wordy post and the photos are from Instagram, but trust me on this one. 

Wedding planning is insane.

Having just finished Swim Week, letting go and allowing my vendors to take over gave me multiple middle of the night panic attacks. Multiple. Endorphins and emotions are on high and you have to trust that everything will be exactly how it has been in your head forever. You are busy taking pictures and getting your make-up done, you can't worry about how the napkins will be folded. You just can't. And that was extremely difficult for me. Luckily I hired the dream team. I was adamant about who I hired. During wedding planning, you will want to cut financial corners here and there, but here is my best advice... You are casting a team, an energy, and a vibe. When you hire your vendors, you are hiring them from their past work, but also for the feeling they give you. You are finding friends. People you trust. These are the people you are handing your wedding to. Your hair and makeup person will be in your face while you take deep breaths. Your wedding planner will be your hands and mind through out the entire process, but that day she (or he) will be your life line. Your florist will be in charge of your bouquet, your tables, your decor. Your photographer will be taking photos of you, making you feel comfortable, while you are literally 7 minutes from walking down the aisle. There are no reshoots. You will feel so many emotions at one time. People will be everywhere. But the vendors you hire set the entire tone.

I am SO grateful that I trusted my gut and hired exactly who I wanted.

Miranda at Miranda Hattie Events was my angel. For example: I called her 30 minutes before I needed to be at the church, I was walking out of the hotel suite to go down to the car when I panicked and realized I had never booked the car for the end of the night. The car that picks me and my husband up from the venue.  I had not booked it. Like nothing, she said "ok no problem" and had a beautiful car waiting to pick us up at the end of the night. Miranda was there for me every day for over a year, helping me with every random question and request. I couldn't have asked for a better planner or friend. She made all of my wedding dreams come true. I will need to find more reasons to work with her. 

Veronica at Anthology is a floral genius. There's no other way to put it. I sat down and gave her a budget, and a low one, and then said "No green. No leaves."  I sat down and asked her to make my pure white dreams come true with zero fillers, on a budget, and she made it happen. And when I say no fillers, I love babies breath so that doesn't count. She made babies breath garland for me! With taper candles! What?! It was breath taking. 

Katie (and Cito) at Katie Lopez Photography, put me at complete ease. Katie's photography is magical. I can't wait to see the moments see captured. She made every photo effortless, and watching her work with her husband is inspiring. You will look at wedding photography pricing and your head will spin, but a great wedding photographer is worth every penny. Remember! There are no reshoots for your wedding. You either love the photos or you don't. Katie was my dream photographer and I can not wait to work with her on other projects and life moments. 

Placing these three into a venue as gorgeous as Villa Woodbine, and letting them go, created a dream come true. Everything from the toile napkins to the babies breath garland to the getting ready photo posted on Katie's Instagram felt like a wedding magazine spread. I am a truly blessed girl. My videographers, and DJ were insane as well.  Not a beat was missed. Not a stitch went wrong. I could not have had a better weekend. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart!

Social Media photos from @MirandaEstes @PabelonaStudio & @AnthologyCo

My Bridal Shower // WIW

This weekend was the most fun ever! My mom and sister hosted the most amazing Bridal Shower for me, and I couldn't feel any luckier. 

The occasion brought up a million wardrobe ideas, but in the end I decided to go uber girly with a tulle skirt and a Disney Princess vibe. Some how it came together last minute to be one of my favorite outfits ever. 

The skirt is an amazing find by Space46 Boutique. They create the most ethereal tulle skirts in various shapes, lengths, and colors. I feel so grateful to have found them online!

The top is TopShop from Nordstroms. The shoes are Zara (of course!). The Alex + Ani bangles were a gift from my sister/maid-of-honor the night before the shower; the charm on them is for August aka our wedding date. So so sweet and such an amazing idea! And last but not least the brooch was actually my grandmothers. 

I had my wedding hair and make-up trial scheduled for that morning, and it worked out so well! I loved the fresh faced glow Kristin Brown gave me for the day, and all of the wonderful glorious hair. I was running super late to the shower, and literally had to run there! But what's amazing about that, is Chelsea (my new Niece and an actual Disney Princess photographer at DisneyWorld) took amazing shots of me running to the shower. I had absolutely no idea she was taking them!

I'm thrilled she thought of it! 

I felt 100% like a bride. I haven't smiled and giggled that much in a long time!

**I included a few extra pictures since I forgot to take actual OOTD pics.

Skirt // Heels // Top // Bracelets

Weekly What I'm Into!


1. The Every Girl's interview with Seventeen Magazine's Ann Shoket. I love this interview so much. Especially when she is asked "Best advice you have ever received?" This is her answer: "My favorite interview ever was when I sat down with Barbara Walters. I asked her, what do you know now that you wish you knew when you were a teen. She said, “Don’t imagine that your life now is the way it’s always going to be. You have no idea how interesting your life can become.” That’s an amazing message for women of any age. There are endless possibilities out there for you. You just have to be open to them!"

2. This VIDEO of a dad having a conversation with his 14 month old through a sliding glass door will make you giggle for sure! I imagine J will be a lot like this. Make sure you turn the volume up so you can hear the dad talking through a sliding glass window, saying gems likes: "She's a slave driver, it's good you know this now." 

3. Ed Sheeran's cover of Drunk in Love is pretty amazing! That's all.

4. Finally picked our florist! And it's the amazing and unparalleled Anthology. I can not even describe how excited I am about this! I can't wait! The wedding less than 4 months away!!

5. Last but obviously not least, I was watching Bethenny,as I always do, and she mentioned that she is releasing a SkinnyGirl Hummus nation wide. I literally jumped for joy, since I love me some hummus and anything my girl Bethenny does. Now, I couldn't find ANYTHING about it online, but I found her recipe for how to make your own at home. So, we will start with that... Here is it!


With the holiday weekend in full swing here in Nassau, and Mother's Day approaching, I'm feeling generous! Let's do fun giveaway!! My next 5 Rodan+Fields orders will get a FREE Rodan+Fields Lip Micro-Dermabrasion! Whoot Whoot! Contact me for details!

AND! It's Friend's and Family weekend at Chloe+Isabel!! So here's a very fun code for 25% off orders of $100 or more! I suggest the amazing new perfume for Mother's Day!! CODE: SPRFF25

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Dress Shopping!

Our wedding is quickly approaching!!!

And that means I have dresses to find! My wedding dress has been purchased, the bridesmaids have their dresses as well... so now it's time for my bridal shower dress and rehearsal dinner dress! 

I have been searching high and low, and these are some of my favorites today.

All from REVOLVE Clothing!


1 // 2 // 3 // 4

Custom Watches by May28th

What do you get someone that has everything? Well, something custom, duh. 

My sister just got me the sickest watches from May28th

She took our amazing engagement photos by Katie Lopez Photography and turned them in to a watch I can wear everyday. It's like a locket, but on my wrist. 

And since I was feeling particularly sad missing the J man today, it was so, so perfect. 

When I went to look at the watches online, the ones she got me popped up! So amazing

Check them out!


The wedding is sneaking up faster than you can believe. Yes, we had a 20 month long engagement, so to others it might feel like forever, but for us with a big move under our belt this year, it feels like time is flying by! Now the wedding is 7 months away! Thank God for our wedding planner, Miranda at Sugar(ed) Occasions, or we would be lost.

Today my mom called asking me about my taste in toasting glasses. I have honestly never thought about toasting glasses in my life, but in a world where everything is disposable or upgradeable, it sounds really nice to be able to use the same champagne glasses on each anniversary as on your wedding day. It's a tradition I am totally game for. So, I wandered around crystal glasses online and found a few stunners. Don't get me wrong, they are ALL ridiculously beautiful, it's hard to even commit to just one set. I know which ever ones we receive we will love them. Growing up, we all see things in the china cabinet, memories from a full life, it's beautiful to think that J and I are starting our own china cabinet, where we can display the beautiful memories to get us through the harder times.

What about you? Did you get toasting glasses?


Our Engagement Photos by Katie Lopez Photography

As soon as a friend sent me Katie Lopez's photography site, I knew she was the one. It was love at first site. Once I got Jeff on board, I was beyond excited. But then Katie told me that she would actually be in Los Angeles one weekend, and we could do our engagement shoot here at home!

It was fate. 

The day was absolutely perfection. Perfect weather. Perfect breeze. Perfect company. And Katie's photos are once again just unreal. I feel SO lucky. 

We love you Katie! Thank you SO much.

Here are some of my favorites.

PS. My hair and makeup was done by the one and only Molly Gardner of GirlGetGlamorous. Getting to call her one of my best friends is a blessing beyond words.


Back to Reality ...

I'm heading back to Los Angeles after a very successful girls weekend with my mom and sister. We ate, we shopped, we saw the venue, went over wedding details, did a few house DIY projects, and yes, we bought MY WEDDING DRESS!! AHHH!!! I feel extremely accomplished, and excited for the next time I get to visit. I'm big into DIY house projects and organizing, and my mom finally started to let me get my grubby little hands on a few projects around her house. For me, it was a good time. Unbeknownst to  her, I have already started a mental list of the things I would like to do to the house. Wainscoting, paint, and some furniture projects twirling through my mind. All very exciting. We'll see what she agrees to. 

Here are a few more photos from the weekend, as well as a few home inspiration photos. 


My dress is actually on SALE at BCBGeneration today!!! I live in this thing, and I'm seriously debating grabbing a second one. It works with flip flops, flats, heels... anything! The shoes are Pour La Victoire. They are actually really comfortable! My  purse is Stella & Dot's Waverly three way bag.  It's a staple for me. I can wear it 3 way,s (Folded into a clutch, a small cross body, or a long cross body)  so it's perfect for travel and transferring you from day to night. 

Now for Home Inspiration!!