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As Summer turns to Fall, there are a few things a girl dreams of. Crisp air. Cashmere. Salted Chocolate Hot Chocolates returning to Starbucks. And perfect Fall accessories. As I prepare for my first NYFW, here are the snowflakes glittering my mind. 

  • Bite Cashmere Lip Cream. I receive this in a PopSugar Must Have box and I can't get enough. The texture is ridiculous and the color is subtle. It's the easy pop of color to pack in your clutch on a girls night out. Given that  it'll be a week of GNO's for me in New York, you better believe this Bite gloss will be in my clutch at all times. I want it in every color.
  • This ShoeDazzle Winnipeg backpack is just too cute. I have been hunting for a backpack, and with my new ShoeDazzle subscription, I feel I lucked out on this one. Seriously it's $39.95. You can't beat that. 
  • Everyone needs a pair of Blue Suede shoes. Am I right?! I have been lusting over the Stuart Weitzman Nudist Sandal in every color, but something about them in blue suede makes my heart beat a little faster. 
  • Who doesn't want to see the world through Gucci glasses?! It's been a while since I spent some dough on a great pair of sunnies, but it might be time. 
  • I haven't tried this Isola Body Coffee Scrub yet, but I love their brand and this just sounds delicious. It's a whole body detox I can get behind.  
  • I have seen Jo Malone for years, but I never spent the time smelling it until I wanted to grab a luxurious candle as a gift for our amazing wedding planner. J and I headed to Nordstrom and smelled all the smells. All of them. We both fell in love with Peony and Blush Suede. We bought Miranda the candle, and J mentally noted the scent as a Christmas option. Maybe it's getting older, and more mature, but I am all about perfume right now. 

Bite Cashmere Lip Cream // ShoeDazzle Backpack // Stuart Weitzman 'Nudist'  

Gucci Sunnies // Isola Body Scrub // Jo Malone 'Peony & Blush Suede'

Currently Craving

NYFW: # 2

Juan Carlos Obando has been send on everyone from Kelly Rowland to Amy Adams. I just love his silky sleek lines and plunging necklines. It's modern 70's chic and I'm loving every second of it. 

Marissa Webb had the essential Manhattan collection. Black, white, grey, and peeks of pink and red. I'm a fan of "non-color" colors, and think this collection is completely street ready.

Peter Som had an amazing line up. He coasts and long dresses were just stunning and I want them all on my body.

NYFW Favorites: Day 1

Home from a busy day of helping out Relay For Life at a fashion event here in Miami. Kicked off my heels, got into my cozies, and finally caught up on the runway looks from day one of NYFW 2014. So far my absolute fav in Tadashi Shoji. I could see myself in every single look he put on the runway. I can't wait to see it styled on red carpets. I imagine Taylor Swift and Emma Stone in a few of these frocks. 

Veronica Beard has a stellar collection as well!

Oh! and whoever did the music for BCBGMAXAZRIA is an F-ing genius.

A Very Ellen Christmas!!!!

Before I left LA, a friend and I used some tickets I had to The Ellen Show. It was the. most. fun. EVER. 

AND THEN… She told us that she was bringing the entire audience back for one of her 12 days of giveaways. I cried along with everyone else in the audience. 

And today, the day J is moving in to our new home in Nassau, is finally the day!!!

It's Ellen Christmas Day!!!!!!

J and I had agreed to no christmas gift exchange policy because of the move, and all of the things we needed for it. Fun things like coolers, and couch covers. So, basically miracles happened, and Ellen is give us our very first Christmas in our new home. I can't wait to see what I'll be bring home to him!

I'll be posting pictures, don't you worry!


Travel OOTD!

Travel OOTD

Reiss Peacoat // JunkFood Tee // Big Red Scarf // VS Pink Leggings // LeSportsac Duffle // Frye Boots

Traveling is all about layering.

As I head back to LA for the amazing Ellen show, I'm heading from 80 degrees to 50 degrees. Even colder at night. As much as my mother wishes I was presentable when I fly, I normally make comfort triumph above all else. Wearing a cozy over sized tee, with leggings is the way to go for hours upon hours of flying, including red eye layovers. Because of the weather, I bring my coveted peacoat along with me. (I got mine at a crazy Fred Segal 75% off sale in Santa Monica last year for a friends wedding.) Peacoats as an easy to throw over practically pajamas and look 10x more thrown together. A trench works for this too! I wear my motorcycle boots on every flight because, not only are they are my heaviest shoes, it guarantees that I am wearing socks when I go through security, as well as on the flight. Once you walk past security I can slip them back on quickly and not worry about any laces or buckles. As for my duffle, LeSportspac makes the absolute best travel bags. Not only are they durable and adorable, they are the perfect size for under the seat in front of you. They have really mastered sizing, and organization. I always feel like I can fit twice as much stuff in my carry on as it looks like I could. 

I am so excited for this Los Angeles trip! It's only been a few weeks since we moved, but I'm already craving the west coast.



Ornament Inspiration

Ornament Inspiration

As of now, J and I are still stuck in a hotel, but hopefully  we will be in our new home before Christmas. I always love a silver and white vintage theme on a real tree. Growing up in Miami, FL, we never really had a cold Christmas, so I try to create that with the colors. I know one day we will have kids, and our tree will be a colorful collection of art, hallmark, and disney, and  I can't wait for that. BUT I also figure I need to get in my vintage trees and white couches now before that happens.

California Road Trip… Part 1

When we found out we were leaving California for a bit, we decided it might finally be time to take a road trip up the coast. We have been talking about it for years, but always put it off for the next Summer. As the clock started ticking, we felt it was something we just couldn't leave with out doing. 

We decided to stop in Sequoia, Yosemite, Healdsburg (Sonoma), and Monterey. 

So, while we have gone a week without wifi, we have been so blessed to see some of the most amazing things this state has to offer. I think the most amazing part of this trip has been realizing just how much is in California. We felt like we were in different countries sometimes. And the idea that you can drive on the water and then through a forest within hours, and even sometimes minutes, is just out of this world. I wish everyone I know could do this trip. 

My amazing friend, Jazzi, was nice enough to gift me with a badass camera before I left. Unfortunately, I don't really know exactly how to use it to it's potential, BUT it was so fun to play with. And it allowed me to take 500 photos in the last 7 days, not counting all the iPhone photos we took. 

I'd like to say "Oh, this or that was my favorite part", but I honestly couldn't pick just one thing. 

In Sequoia, we saw bear cubs just feet away from us. AND we woke up to the most beautiful trees covered in snow! (As a Florida kid, this was a pretty big deal.) We wandered through the worlds biggest trees, and hiked up Moro Rock, where we literally couldn't see 4 feet in front of us! It was so foggy!! It was stunning, freezing, terrifying, and absolutely breath taking. Living in LA, it's easy to forget how just amazing nature is. 

We then headed to Yosemite, which is more developed with tours and multiple hotels. Here, our tour guide Bill took us around to sites so unreal that we actually look like we photoshopped ourselves into some of these photos. The rocks, rivers, waterfalls, and trees blew my mind. AND THEN… after visiting Yosemite Falls, I walked around the trail corner only to see a FAMILY OF DEER eating together!! I made J stay for 15 minutes and watch in silence until some human family scared them off. Rude. It was probably the coolest thing I had ever seen. 

There are just too many photos to share in one post, so here is my first batch from our first 2 stops…

We're Engaged!

I have been M.I.A. for the last month, and I am sorry. After graduating yoga teacher training, I was totally drained. Then Christmas snuck up on me, my birthday, and New Year’s Eve. And by the 31st I was ready for the new year, but Jeff had one last thing in mind!

I am so thrilled to be engaged to the most wonderful, dependable, loving, brave, and handsome man I know.

Thank you for your patience during my FromCtoC absence. I promise to post more often! AND if you want a little different take on me, check me out on MindBodyGreen.

2013, I am SO ready for you.