Morning Yoga with

Morning Yoga with

Yoga takes me back to the basics. When I am feeling wound up and out of control, I head to the mat. Since moving, I haven't been practicing as much as I hoped to, but when I get to do a little morning yoga on the beach, it shifts my holiday. Possibly even my whole week. Taking that quiet time to get into my body heals. And having the ocean right here, is such a blessing. My Yoga Teacher Training is priceless in the amount of knowledge I learn about my body and the human spirit. Yoga is for everyone and if you can get to a class, no matter your skill level, go!

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Yoga on the Beach

I decided to do a little yoga on the beach this morning. I've taught yoga in parks in Los Angeles, but I haven't done much yoga on the beach. It's an amazing, amazing feeling. Finding stillness outdoors, with the sun glowing down from the sky just feels like a real breath of fresh air. It's the peace that I believe yoga is always supposed to convey. And to me, a crowed studio can sometimes ruin it for me.

 Everyday I practice a little different, Whether I am focused on core, arms, mental strength, or just in need of an inversion to find some clarity on on a subject. I change my practice to do what feels right. When I teach a class, I always write out a sequence to make sure I am hitting key component poses for our peak pose, but when I practice alone I concentrate on what feels right in the moment and follow it. Usually my personal practice gets tweaked and turns into my class sequence. 

Here's a few quick pics from my personal yoga practice today.

LuLuLemon Sports Bra (similar) // Hard Tail Shorts // Manduka Mat

Prana Savari Yoga Bra

I’m a newbie yogi but I’m totally in love with it. I started at The Green Yogi back in April because of aGroupon deal and I love it. I realized pretty quickly that if you are going to do something, having the right gear is really important. My boyfriend suggested we go get a few dry-fit pieces so that I’m not as disgusting in class. My absolute favorite thing that I purchased was my Prana Savari Yoga Bra. It’s so comfortable during class. Hits in just the right places, and yet, I still feel kind of pretty in it if I have to run an errand before or after class. Obviously with a shirt over it! I usually wear them with my Prana Audrey Shorts in black.

**I apologize for my ghetto photo! Haha!