A Floral One Piece to Die For

When I was in middle school, I was pumped to get a two piece "bikini" from Limited Too. I felt so grown up. But now, that I live on the beach and I'm tad bit older, I don't always feel the need to show everything. Sometimes a one piece can even feel sexier than a teeny bikini. 

I've posted one on FromCtoC before, but when I received this floral piece of perfection if felt like the ball game changed forever. It's a thick bathing suit. Double lined, feels secure (you feel a little more sucked in in a good way), and there are no camel toe issues. Let's be honest, that's a major deciding factor in swimwear. 

I got this one from Swim Outlet. Overtime I go on there, that site gets better and better. They offer such a wide range of swimwear you can grab something for everyone.  As for this beauty... The print feels fresh and youthful, and I think it's has such a great neckline for my chest. Throwing it on with a pair of distressed shorts and some sandals makes it an amazing way to stop for lunch too. I had never tried this brand before so I was nervous about sizing, especially on a one piece, but it fits like a glove. I just wore it to Atlantis with my Rodan+Fields girls and it was a major hitWith how thick and luxe the fabric is, I may be ordering another one. (#SoManyBathingSuits! #StillWantMore!)

Peixoto 'Kuti' Floral Swimsuit (c/o by SwimOutlet.com)