A little Thursday inspiration...

Because Thursdays aren't Fridays, and they can be rough, I wanted to include a little inspiration to the day. I just posted Kid President on my Facebook Page, but then I watched this video from him and loved it just as much. 

Today is an extra special day for me. It is the 8 year anniversary to my first heart procedure. Between 2006 and 2008, I went through several lows with my health, but I have been healthy ever since. Every year, on July 3rd, I take a moment to be as grateful as I can possibly be. It's easy to get bogged down by the amount of stuff going on in everyday life. It's easy to want to rush towards the weekend. But remembering that just a few years ago I wasn't sure of all that, makes me want to sip my coffee a little slower.  

So enjoy this weekend, enjoy today, have an amazing 4th of July. And Please! Be nice to yourself and to others! You never know what battles they are facing.

Celebrate we will , for life is short, but sweet for certain.