A Pictures Worth a Thousand Words.- Father’s Day!

My absolute favorite gifts to give are photo albums. We are so fortunate to live in 2012, where making multiple albums takes just a few clicks on our computers. I have a MAC, so, I use iPhoto to make albums, but I’ve seen some done by ShutterFly that are just as beautiful. I make my boyfriend one every year on our anniversary.( OK, it might be half for myself.) The idea being that one day we’ll be able to show our kids our story. It’s priceless. I also made one for my sister’s 30th birthday, full of pictures of us growing up together. And my mom one last Mother’s Day. I couldn’t think of anything she’ll cherish more.

This year I made my dad one for Father’s Day. It’s also his 60th birthday Wednesday, so it was extra special! I wouldn’t say he is “the man who has everything” more like “the man that has everything he would ever want for.” He isn’t very into “things” which makes buying presents for him a little difficult. I think he will love this!