August in Washington, D.C.

J and I went to Washington this August and I fell in love, as I always do when we travel. There’s nothing I love more than immersing myself into a new city. We fit everything into just a few days. My poor little feet were killing me!! We saw the Lincoln Memorial lit up at night, every museum you can think of, and most importantly The Hope Diamond. We got lost at midnight. (Memo: The close the Arlington Subway stop at 10:30 during the summer. Who knew? ) And of course we ate crazy amounts of food. Unfortunately, I was too much of a fat kid on this trip to take photos of my food BEFORE I ate it. But we went to this one restauarant where every plate had chocolate in it called CoCoSala. Dream. Come. True. AND we visited Founding Farmers not once, but twice… in a row. I know, we’re kind of gross.

(Hot Dogs or Legs?! Haha JK!)

I just love this photo...