Bahamas Rum Festival 2015

Sunday we headed over to the Rum Fest at Fort Charlotte in Nassau to see what all the flyers were about. It was pretty fantastic to be honest. Not too crowded which, for me, makes it much more relaxing, and we met up with some friends.  They had everything in a pirate theme, and I am a sucker for a good themed party. It's the sorority girl in me. There was even an amazing food and rum pairing session which I instagram-ed about a few times. The pairing sessions included an Octopus and Lion Fish Rum Ceviche and finished off with a homemade Rum Marshmallow and Chocolate S'more. I ate two of those and would've eaten 6 if they had let me. 

My favorite thing there (other than the s'mores) wasn't even the rum, it was this incredible tree that they had decorated with empty rum bottles in the back of the fort. Some the bottles were fitted with Edison bulbs, and I needed to take a million photos. In LA, one of my bosses had an incredible wine bottle chandelier and this reminded me of a DIY version. We studied it for a bit to figure out how to do this in our future backyard. Our future home is in trouble. I've spent a solid 8 years keeping a running Pinterest folder in my head. 

The verdict of the Rum Fest? I'm not a total fan of rum tastings. To be honest I'm much more of a wino, but I do love a refreshing rum cocktail. Real truth: I love food the most. I'll be back next year for sure. 

Here are some photos of the tree... I threw in a photo of the Pirate Republic Beer stand for good measure. I can't wait until their micro-brewery opens downtown. Until then, the bottles will have to do. The sun was right over head and the location was a winding fort, so majority of my distracted photography didn't turn out great, but we had fun none the less. 

Sunglasses c/o Fantas-Eyes

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