Barbara Gerwit Beach Days

When we found out we were moving to the Bahamas, I pictured lounging on the beaches in gorgeous cover ups and simplistic gold jewelry. To be completely honest, I'm normally in cut off jean shorts, barefoot, in a tank top. That outfit lasts the boat ride over to the beach, and then I'm in my bikini the rest of the day. Then this tunic arrived from Barbara Gerwit. It's a game changer. Never has beach chic been so ridiculously easy. It feels like the best sheets in your life and you just want to live in it. Thursday was Jeff's birthday so we headed to the beach on his lunch break and just hung out. There's a little bar on Love Beach called Nirvana and it's perfect for grabbing a beer mid day and laying on a lounge chair. I was in absolute heaven. It does not make me sad about missing NYFW when it's a -20 degree wind chill there (Coldest day in NY since the 1800s. No Joke.), and looks like this here. 

Last weekend when we went to Tampa, I saw more of the Barbara Gerwit line in the Miami International Airport and I wanted it all. There's this one that is the softest light blue fabric. I would order it in a bigger size, and just rock it with cut offs daily. It reminds me on my mom's beach cover up that she has had my entire life. I spent some time on their site and just love their totes and dresses to. It's the perfect classic beach chic. 

We have friends in town all week and it's nice to know I won't look like a homeless beach bum when we are hanging out oceanside. (I'm taking them to Love Beach today!)

Barbara Gerwit Tunic c/o