#BestofBesties Giveaway!


I am a lucky girl. I have a pretty awesome bestie. Molly of Girl Get Glamorous has always been a lady of the finer things in life. And she has taught me a few of them. She has dolled me up on birthdays, my engagement photos, and bachelorette party. She's loved me when I was a 21 yr old brat, and when I'm a 29 yr old one. We've slowed danced at dive bars, gone on vacations, and laughed till we cried. When we started blogs, we never knew where it would take us, but it has been a wonderful team effort. We never hesitate to ask each other advice or share our communities. We will be like the Golden Girls one day, with a few other lovely favorite ladies of ours.

To the point: We've decided we want to join together in the first #BestofBesties giveaway! Yes. First ever. I hope to make this a regular, annual, who knows situation. Giving you a few of the things that have inspired some of our favorite posts. Hopefully one day it will be like Oprah and we can give everyone cars and trips to Fiji. One. Day.

Details of Prizes and Entries below!

For your inner and outer beauty alike, we reached out to brands we love and brought you so many fun things!

What's in our prize pack?

1. You Have The Same Amount of Hours in a Day As Beyonce mug by Sweaty Wisdom. I use this mug almost everyday. Especially the days I am feeling extra lazy and need that extra kick in the butt staring at me while I work. I've had it for a while, and giving one to you makes me so excited!! They have some other favorites of mine on Easy, you should definitely head over to Sweaty Wisdom's page and check them out!

2. DHC Cleansing Oil and Olive Virgin Oil. Molly SWEARS by this face wash and I have dived into myself from time to time as well. Her skin is flawless and she never ages. She points the finger right at DHC for her mermaid skin. You are doing to die over it.

3. Beauty Blender Sponge. I JUST got my first beauty blender sponge 2 weeks ago and Molly is doing to die when she reads that. (forgive me!) It makes a HUGE difference.  We even have the amazing sponge and brush cleaner to go with it!

4. Shine On Miami. I did a post with Shine On's flash tattoo's a little while ago and I love how fun they are to wear. It's so easy to throw on with your swimsuit or sundress and feel a little spicier. I can't stop wearing them. They are youthful and creative and just make me feel a little lighter than "real life".

5. Last but not least! A $50 YogaOutlet.com Gift Card! We all know I love Yoga Outlet. (I have posted with them here.) Yoga brings me so much peace and joy. I love sharing everything I can about it. YogaOutlet.com has an incredible selection of fitness gear. Even if you haven't found your inner yogi yet, there's something for you! I love their Jala SUP selection! So cool. 

Don't forget to share this giveaway with your bestie, and let us know what your favorite things are in the comments below. You never know, we might have them in our pack for round 2!!

**Photos by GirlGetGlamorous! Thanks GURLLL