Blue & Grey // Rainy Day Casual

Here in the tropics it rains everyday. Sometimes for 5 minutes, sometimes all day. Honestly, I find it refreshing. I grew up in Miami, FL where 3 o'clock rain was the norm, and then spent 7 years missing the sound of rain on my windows. Something about rain feels like a good cry. Sometimes it's a sun shower, a little bit of happy tears. And sometimes it's a hardcore dark day of storms. The type of day, in Florida, that we pretend is a snow day. It's time to throw on our softest jammies, with our coziest socks, watch a great chick flick, and make a creamy cup of hot chocolate.  Either way, when it's over, I feel lighter. 

Dressing for the rain has 2 options... 1) Play it up. Polka dotted umbrella. A full skirt. A great colorful rain coat. OR 2) Take it down to a natural notch. Embrace the messy hair. And peel off the layers.

Today, I went with the later. It felt like a heavier day in my personal life. A lot going on in every facet. But taking it down to bare skin and a simple look, with no jewels. Just felt like a big long sigh. And then suddenly I started to feel much better. 


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