Bumpin' into Fall

Here we go! Baby bump in all her glory! I've always been one for a lose fitted outfit, but pregnant, I am a thousand times more comfortable in a form fitted dress. I just feel more at peace with my body pregnant. I'm that lady. You just stop being mean to yourself when you are pregnant, because every time you feel your baby kick, you are just completely amazed at what you are capable of. To think I am creating a human without actively having to think about it, is the most amazing thing in the world. My bump state went from "you're barely showing!" to people rubbing my belly within possibly 2 weeks. I'm pretty curious as to how big this girl can go. Cause I feel like max capacity can't be far away. 

Since Fall as officially begun, I'm pulling out my darker pieces to try and feel the Fall feels just a little more. Gotta make it work. It's still about 80 degrees outside, but the hurricane that just came through took the humidity way down, and it feels gorgeous out. I do miss the crisp bite in the air, but we will feel it next year for sure. 

This dress was probably my best purchase as a newly pregnant lady of 11 weeks knocked up. It's so comfortable and really growing well with my belly. I've been wearing it out for sure. Converse, flats, boots, it goes with everything. I'd love to find a version with sleeves.

And as a sidetone note... I don't usually talk under garments, but I recently received a bra from Aerie and it's life changing. One of the most difficult style challenges for me while pregnant has been the introduction of the bra. I was flat as a board for the most part pre-pregnancy, and now I'm a 32C and I have no idea what to do with these ladies. Bras have been so uncomfortable for me, but this one is pretty amazing. I don't even mind wearing it around the house. They are on sale right now so I may need to place an order for 1-2 more. When you have a lot of bumps going on, what your put on under your clothes becomes almost more important than the actual clothing you put on. So there's a little secret tip from me to you. Find a bra you love, and love it hard. 

Similar Shoes (mine are last year's ShoeDazzle) // ASTR Dress (same but ribbed) // Aerie Sunnie Bra

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