Church Style x Fall Heatwave Favorites

It's solid 95 degrees here in Nassau, Bahamas. While temperatures are dropping in some areas in the US, others like Los Angeles are struggling through 100+ temps. While I can't even begin to discuss how this worries me, I'll focus on the clothing struggling it forces. (See VICE for the other struggles to be worried about. I only talk life and fashion.) Last year, when we made the 3,000 mile move from Los Angeles, California to Nassau, Bahamas, I had experienced a taste of Fall traveling through the east coast on our Farewell California Tour. I was able to pull out the boots and coats, and enjoy dressing the seasons. This year is a new ball game. On Sunday, as I was getting ready for church, I realized it's 95 degrees in October. I threw on a summer dress from Forever21 (of course), and decided not to worry about the seasons in my imaginary church fashion show that is receiving communion (Don't judge me.) Then I came home and searched the internet for clothing I can call Fall/Winter wear in island temps.

It was a struggle but I've posted what I found so far after the church pictures... 

Heatwave Fall Favs!

HeatWaveFall Favs.jpg