Home Inspiration // Pottery Barn Sale!

My mom, sister, and friend are visiting on Thursday (aka Carly's BIRTHDAY)!! It will be the FIRST time people actually staying with us in our new home, here in Nassau, Bahamas. My family has come via cruise ship before for a nice long day, and so have some friends. But this time the guest rooms will actually be used! I am so pumped I can't even explain. But I am an odd ball, and instead of worrying about normal things, I am cleaning like a freak. I have already reorganized my make-up cabinet. (Molly would be proud!) And now I'm on to junk drawers. 

So, I apologize for neglecting the blog a bit this week. OOTD posts and fun collaborations are to come, but I need to finish my cleaning tear. 

Here's some inspiration for what I pretend our beach home looks like mixed with a few things I am lusting over from Pottery Barns Warehouse Clearance Sale!. It's getting closer to making this dream home a reality, but like everything in the Bahamas, it takes some time. 

As J would say, "TIB!" aka This Is Bahamas. 

Pottery Barn: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

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