College Gameday Threadz!

Being a Florida State Seminole is pretty darn exciting right now. 25 straight wins in a row, and Championships once again under our finger tips. I know it's late in the season, but now is the time to rep your team for all it's worth.

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Here I am only wearing their fantastic FSU gear because, as I explained to the lovely ladies of GDT I just can't put another teams logo on my body. But there are multiple colleges available and some of their designs made me almost want to wear a UM or Gainesville tee... Almost. These tops and tees are so adorable there is not much styling required, throwing on a great pair of jeans (I preferred black jeans with these tops to really let them shine) and boots and you are ready to go. 

A friend of mine wanted me to title this post "How not to wear unflattering jean panties to a college football game." And I desperately wanted to touch base on this while we are on the topic. Can we please talk about denim underwear? Listen. I wear cut off jean shorts that border on Daisy Duke territory, but when you make Daisy Duke look modest it might be time for new shorts. My main question with butt under cleavage shorts is... Aren't you afraid of what your bare booty is going to be sitting on through out the day?! I just don't understand who thinks these are appropriate or sexy on anyone but Rihanna. 

Alright. That's my rant. 

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