Cooking with Cora :: Ramen Noodles

This is one of my FAVORITE meals in our house. I posted it on my social media a while ago and got a ton of responses asking for the recipe. So here it is! We had to wait for the miso soup mix packets to come in so sorry for the delay! #IslandLife This is an awesome hack on Ramen Noodles. It's the perfect "use what you have" recipe too. We switch out the leafy greens and garnishes all the time. 

Jeff indulges in all the toppings, but I like to stick with bacon bits and hard boiled eggs.

Can't wait for you to all try it!

Serves 2 large portions (at least in our house)

4 Cups of Low Sodium Stock or Broth
1 Package of Miso Soup Mix or 1 table spoon of Miso Paste
Fresh Ginger (About the size of half your finger)
2-3 cloves of Fresh Garlic or Minced Garlic
5-6 dashes of Soy Sauce (Low Sodium if possible)
Handful of leafy vegetable such as Bok Choy, Greens or Kale (ribs cut out and discarded)
2 packets of Maruchan ramen noodles (seasoning packet discarded)

Garnish Options
Hard Boiled Eggs
Bacon Bits
Bean Sprouts
Roasted Garlic
Sesame Seeds
Hot Chili Oil
Sriracha Chili Sauce


Pour stock in a pot and turn heat to medium.
Add the packet of Miso Soup Mix to stock.
Peal the ginger and grate the ginger using a microplane into the stock
Peal the garlic and grate the garlic using a microplane into the stock
Dash the soy sauce into the stock and allow stock to come to a boil.
Once the stock is at a boil turn to low heat and add the green leafy vegetable and cook for 2 minutes
After 2 minutes add the dry ramen noodles (Make sure to discard the included seasoned packet) and cook until desired doneness.  About 3 minutes for medium tender noodles.  (You went to college you know how to cook these ramen noodles.)
Remove noodles using tongs and pour stock over noodles and top with your favorite garnishes.  


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Open up that Ramen package and toss that sodium filled flavor packet!

Jeff requested the title of this post... so here is a picture of our sous chef, Cora.  

She was feeling pretty famous at the time.