Pool Side Sunday Vibes

Working from home, and pregnant, I have been avoiding formal "clothing" at all costs. Hence, why OOTD posts have been few and far between. Let's be real... there hasn't been that many "outfits" going on. But baby and I are at 17 weeks, healthy, and happy. That's all that matters.

Sunday I ventured out of my little castle to head to church, brunch, and then later on a friendly casual BBQ. I'm at the point where most of my clothes somewhat fits, but dresses have been my safest bet. This dress is a purchase from last year and I am so grateful for it. It's so easy to dress up or down. I wore it to church with my nude Zara heels, and then threw on my white converse for the BBQ later on. If you look closely you can start to see that bump coming through. It's going to get interesting. 

You can't tell in this photo, but my neck is insanely sunburned from boating on Saturday, so I opted for no jewelry and just my new Jord watch. This thing is insanely cool. I had a guy at the BBQ stop me mid conversation to chat about it. Yes, it's wood. And completely reasonably priced. This Maple version of the Fieldcrest was only $120. Which is less than half the price of a Michael Kors. I'm interested to see how it goes through wear and tear, but for know I am enjoying the conversation starter. It's nice to find something just a little bit different o set you outfit off. Plus, it arrives as if you paid 10 times the price. I included a picture of the box below, because I was shocked by the packaging when I received it. How cool is that box?!

These photos are from brunch. There's a new spot in town called The Island House. It's a boutique hotel that holds an amazing coffee shop, a restaurant with a view of Lyford Cay, a chic movie theater, and this ridiculously classic Old Hollywood pool. It's the perfect spot to stop for a date night or after church for lunch. You can't beat the ambiance. 

Wooden Watch  c/o Jord Wooden Watches