Day Date with Denim

While Los Angeles is still battling 100 degree days and Upstate New York is facing the 40's, the Caribbean Islanders are still enjoying our sandy beaches. I'm finding ways to explore the Fall trends without dying of heat. Adding a denim button down to my favorite pencil skirt, made me feel like somewhere the leaves were changing, but keeping that peek-a-boo crop top made the outfit conducive to my tropical life. 

J and I were heading out to a date day at a hidden restaurant in Lyford Cay (pronounced Key), Blue Caviar. There are two on the island, but this one is a tad bit fancier. Even though I always want to try something new there, their Croque-Monsieur is just delicious and I can never stray. They make a mean latte as well. We are going to have to head there for dinner one night for sure. There aren't a ton of foodie spots in Nassau, so when we find one it is a great surprise. These photos were taken in their parking lot. All of the shops in the area are made with these incredible wooden beams. So the inside of the restaurant features these wooden peaked ceilings and columns. I guess they are just leaving these near by structures open until someone decides what to place in them. 

While the Louboutin's might have been overkill for 1pm during a weekday, when you pay that much for a shoe that pretty, you wear them when you can. Especially when wearing them means sitting down somewhere.