December Sundress - 32 Weeks

It's 80 degrees. Still. I try and try and try to pretend it's cool and breezy... it's not happening, but the real issue taking place for me personally is the dwindling wardrobe. So it's probably a good thing for me that it's still Summer in the island. Otherwise I would just be in leggings and Jeff's t-shirts. Let's be real... I'm usually in leggings and Jeff's shirts. A few times a week like to act like a human and put on real people clothing.

We were heading out to church (where else do I wear heels these days) and this Barbara Gerwit dress saved my bump. The fabric is so stretchy and soft, it felt like wearing jammies and I loved it. I don't know what you call it, but it's like heaven on your body in disguise as a dress. It makes me want their entire collection. It feels like the perfect travel clothing for a new mom.

As for 32 weeks... well, it feels like being an alien and a house at the same time. Randomly throughout the day I get so tired I can barely get a sentence out, and at other times (usually about 7pm) I feel like I need to go run a 10k ASAP because my legs are so restless. I'm lucky that I haven't had any illness and over all it's been a great pregnancy, but 8 more weeks?! Oh goodness. This baby is gaining a half a pound a week at this point. How do you even breathe after 34 weeks? I don't know the answer. Prayer?

Because of the restless leg situation, I've become obsessed with the idea of a drug-less birth. It's made me realize that the idea of laying on a bed for hours and not being able to get up and walk around might make me crazier than any pain. I'm the person that has an anxiety attack at the spa if my arms are wrapped in the towel. I don't think I can go a day needing to really apply my body to something and not being able to get up and move around. Because of this I have been googling an array of things, and terrifying Jeff with information. I've even started a playlist. I need to start thinking like a Marine. I can do anything for a day.

We head to Florida in 11 days which is straight up insanity. Honestly, I thought these months were going to drag on, but once you get past 3 months it just starts flying by. I'm desperately trying to savor these last few weeks. Orangutan body or not, I'll miss this little (haha ok massive) bump that moves all day long. Having said that, I can't wait to met her tiny face. It's weird to think when I walk out the front door in 11 days, I won't be back for 3 months and when I am back I'll have a baby with me.

It's getting to game time. And time for me to order a BellyBandit... cause this waistline has legit DOUBLED.