Etsy Stores I Love :: BABY

Between getting married and getting pregnant, I have become obsessed with Etsy. As I was wandering the cybersphere of the Etsy rabbit hole, I decided I might as well feel productive about this habit and start sharing my favorite Etsy stores with you. I'll start with the baby items I can't get enough of and go from there...


Quilt // Blanket // Hello, Baby Pillow // Floral Boppy Cover

This store has over 50 pages of customizable sheets, blankets, and boppy covers. Plus fun pillows and prints along the way. I am obsessed with their sleepy eyes print and those darn flamingos (living on an island is getting to me!). Choosing which items to share was so so hard. Everything is just so darn adorable. 


 Harem Style Bear Face Romper // Baby Dress  

A bear face on a romper just gets me. Can you be any cooler?! Babies now are the coolest people on the block and I love it. I love that fashion now allows for kids to start their personalities so young. One of my favorite things about nannying was sitting down with kids and letting them get dressed in the morning. Watching how they saw and loved themselves was nothing short of awesome. 


Hospital Blanket Bear

Are you joking?! This is the sweetest thing in the world. My only regret from my wedding is not grabbing one of the darn napkins to make a keepsake out of. I will not mess up with this!! My teddy bear was EVERYTHING to me, and Curly is already in our baby girl's room ready to watch over her. I can't wait to make this precious bear for her and give her something to have forever from the day she was born. This is an amazing gift too. 


Small Basket // Laundry Basket

Something about being pregnant makes me LOVE owls. It there such thing as a design craving? I'm not sure. But every time I see an owl, I think it should be in Baby Girl's room. I saw this lamp at JCPenney and fell in love. There's no where to put it in her nursery, but even my mom considered buying it just to have. ANY WAY! This Etsy store is kind of amazing. Not only does this lovely lady respond within seconds (Yes, I've messaged her a few times. Just needed to make sure that laundry basket would be available for my registry), BUT she's sickly talented. A few things in a nursery just aren't cute. Diaper genies and laundry baskets. Thats until now. Cause that owl laundry basket is perfection. It has a washable liner too. So, there's no worrying about things getting gross. It's gender neutral, it's easy to grow up with, it's artsy, and it's classic. Obsessed. 


Feathered Boho Catcher // White Boho Catcher

I was a dream catcher fan as a child. I don't think I was really into night lights or safety nets like that, but I do remember finding serious comfort in the idea of a dream catcher. I always had one in my room and it gave me a sense of peace. I love the idea of these gorgeous dreamcatchers on Etsy. I went pretty gender neutral with the nursery furniture, but sweet feminine touches like this just warm the room up for her. She'll be too young to understand them for a while, but it'll put my mind at ease. 


What are your favorite Etsy stores? Share your obsessions and find with me!

I have so many I'll be doing a few segments on this.