Every Time I Think of Pretty, I Think of You!

It's the last Friday of February. The world is spinning entirely too fast. And all I can think about is the White & Gold/ Blue & Black dress from last nights social-apocalypse. Even though I am completely exhausted by it. I saw it turn blue and gross brown for like a half of a second, but the dress will always be white  and gold to me. I don't care what wired.com says. 

Moving on with my life...

Shopaholic Confession: I love buying scarves. Scarves, Sweatpants, and Sweaters. I can't help myself. I love cozy loungewear like no ones business. Which is unfortunate when you live on an island and live in shorts and bikinis. (Editors Note: Insert Smallest Violin.) I just love being wrapped up in blanket like things. So when "weather" hit the island last week (Northerns don't laugh at me) I was so excited to pull out a long sleeved shirt and a pretty scarf. This one is so pretty and light and I love it. 

It doesn't hurt that this gorgeous scarf is covered in handwriting that says "Every time I think of pretty, I think of you..." It's so whimsical. Reminds me of my high school journals. Yes, I was one of those. And yes I still have ALL of them. 

Minus the scarf (which was gifted to me by the lovely Fantas-Eyes) and the bag (shout out to my mom for getting this awesome Massi Cestino Tote for me) the entire outfit is from Forever21! Like 85% of my closet, the things I head for on the regular are under $30, these pieces are all under $20 each. And these flats were just in People's Style Watch Issue! I wear them ALL the time. I might grab a second pair because I hate when I ruin good finds and they are gone forever. I don't care if that find was $10 or $400. It hurts.

Scarf c/o Fantas-eyes