Exumas Recap: #WIW Bathing Suit by ZINKE!

My weekend trip to the Exuma Islands were everything, and more. I tried desperately to move there this weekend. If you followed along on my Instagram, you saw that the water is absolutely breathtaking. The people are nothing but friendly, there is no such thing as crime, the food is delicious, the music is fun. It's my favorite place in the entire world. I can't get enough of it. I would absolutely go back tomorrow. 

While every night is a rotating island party from one restaurant to the next (none competing with the others, they all have designated nights), the days are filled with views of the best water and beaches in the world. It would be hard to find a place that competes. From Tropic of Cancer Beach to tiny nooks such as this one, there isn't a bad beach around. On Thursday, my first day on the island, we grabbed some food and headed straight to the beach. We sat there all day until 5pm and then headed back to the hotel to shower for dinner. While our hotel was absolutely adorable, we spent zero time there, I wanted to explore every second I could. Thursday night we headed to the hotspot (Peace & Plenty), and had some wine pool side while listening to an incredible band. Everyone was smiling and dancing. So relaxed and comfortable. I never wanted to leave. Have I said that yet? 

My first bathing suit of the weekend was this Zinke One Piece. It was perfect for throwing on a pair of jean shorts and converse and being able to stop at restaurants as well as beaches. I was practically makeup free all weekend. Only changing out of my bathing suit for dinner. 

The water looks blue here, but you should see it in person. Honestly. Book a ticket. Tell me when you are going. I'll meet you there. When the sun shined down on it you couldn't even think. You eyes just dazed out and scanned over the water trying to take it all in. The weekends conversation was basically repetitively saying, "I'm obsessed with this place."

The clouds would not stop moving that day, so the lighting changed every 5 seconds, but I still wanted to share as many photos as I could.