Eyelash Extensions.

Whelp, I tried eyelash extensions for the first time today and I’m not sure I will ever go with out them. Not only is it painless, but its almost relaxing. And not in the “Oh, I don’t really mind bikini waxes” bullshit kind of way. More in the, “If your eyelash lady is hurting you, you need to switch people immediately. She’s not doing it right.” kind of way.

I’ve been craving these for a while now. I never wear make up during the day, which leaves me looking exhausted, PLUS just living in LA these things are popping up everywhere. In fact, not having them is like wearing acid washed jeans shorts. No wait, those are some how back in style. Whatever, I was constantly jealous. Jealous of peoples lack of mascara and yet “naturally” stunning appearance. So, I texted my hair gal (Andrea @KenPaves) and got the number of a legit-glam-squad-eyelash-wizard: The lovely Sarah Maxwell.

She was AMAZING! I’m hooked.

Like most of you, I was skeptical about this eyelash extension business, it seemed like a leap towards “The Capitol” people in The Hunger Games, but now I’m fully on board.  If implanting rhinestones and dying your skin lavender are what’s up next: sign me up. I’m jumping off that bridge with the beautiful people. These suckers last for 3-4 weeks and they are low maintenance! No water near them for the first 24 hours, stay away from oil-based products, and be nice to them. Maybe a little combing here and there with a clean mascara brush… That’s basically it. They take an hour or two to put on, depending on how full you’d like to go. And, AGAIN, they should not hurt at all!

Here are my Before and After pictures! (No make-up included)

**She did not add any lashes to my lower lash line. She tinted them with some black veggie dye, making them popped a little more.

photo-copy-2-1024x1024 photo-copy-1024x1024

If you contact her for some glam, gimme a drop drop, puhlease!

Sarah Maxwell

Make-up/ Spray Tans/Lashes: info@sarah-maxwell.com