Fish Fry + Coffee Break

J and I were headed to go pick up our mail the other day and decided to swing by the Fish Fry on our way downtown for a little coffee break. I will tell you that hot coffee was a poor choice. I was sweating just holding it. But I'm a sucker for a Starbucks soy latte. Next time I'll opt for some Sky Juice. We've started a pretty great habit of taking our coffee outside to enjoy the view and detach for a bit. I'm guilty of constantly being on my phone and computer. Between the blog and my social media job, I am completely addicted to the web. It's a love hate situation. Funny that even in these pictures I have more phone in my hand. I guess I should add that to my New Years resolutions. (Face Palm) It's all a work in progress. Right?

I loved the Bahamian flags on this green shack so we took a few quick photos. 

The OOTD is a mixture of The Recycled Closet pants and a Crossroads sheer tee from years ago.