Five Minute Face


I LOVE getting my makeup done. It's like having a massage for me. Maybe growing up in a world where I would get my makeup done on sets made me so used to it that there's something about sitting there while someone touches your face that completely relaxes me. But when it comes to doing my own makeup I get so bored. Like... when will this be over? Don't get me wrong, I can handle making up my face; it's mainly trial and error, and a lot of just rubbing stuff around until it looks right, but it works out. I'm just not going to enjoy it unless I'm also dancing to bubble gum pop music. Fake music videos while getting ready? See that's something I'm into. 

What I have perfected is getting ready quickly. Just the fresh faced feel: errands, lunch with the girls, etc. I used to love me some eye make-up, but now I just like a fresh dewy look, with long lashes and flushed cheeks. 

The other day I posted a shameless selfie on my personal Facebook page, and it inspired me to want to share my favorite day to day product. Fancier days, or anything involving a camera I mainly just wish out the BB Cream for Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Armani has the absolute best foundation of all time. It photographs like no other. Even Kim Kardashian calls it her go to foundation.  It's light and fresh (and pricey at $62.00), but you will never take a better photo than you will with Armani. 

Here's what you need for my 5 minute face:

  1. Physicians Formula Argan BB Cream 
  2. Physicians Formula Concealer
  3. Rodan+Fields Mineral Powder SPF 20 (plus this awesome brush!! Makes a HUGE difference)
  4. Sephora Blush in I'm Shocked
  5. L'Oreal Million Dollar Lash Mascara
  6. Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Treatment

I start with a light and moisturizing BB cream. This Argan based cream by Physician Formula is awesome. It helps give a little glow underneath my other powdered based go-to's and it gives you a base to go off of. I apply it with my fingers, and let it dry. 

Next I use my Rodan+Fields Mineral powder. This stuff is awesome. I've used other mineral powders before but this one is my favorite. It has SPF 20 in it and amazing peptides that actually improve your skin while you wear it. It feels so light that you don't feel messy or cake either. I appreciate that in this humid weather. The Rodan+Fields brush is fantastic as well. I have a few other brushes by other brands but it works with their powder so well that I wouldn't use anything else. It's soft and full and perfect for travel. I was honestly suspect, but then so so impressed. 

After the powder is set I go back over my face with my Physician Formula cover stick. I use the crayon like stick for under my eyes, and the lip gloss looking side for and teeny blemishes or marks the show through. I know some people do concealer before powder, but I always find it works better after. Maybe its just me. But it's how I roll. Again, I just use my fingers to blend. I've tried sponges and brushes and I always thing fingers work best. There's no waste, and I wash my hand a lot when I do my makeup, so I know it's cleaner than a brush or sponge. 

After my face is set, I apply a bright pink blush right at the bottom edge of my cheek bones. I used to do the whole apple of my cheeks thing, but it makes me look 5. So instead I use blush just at the edge of my cheek bones back toward my hair line. It brightens my face immediately. 

My final and favorite touch is lashes! I use L'Oreal Mascara. It's my favorite! I have tried very expensive mascara but I feel like they don't last as long, they flake on my eyes, or they add clump. Before I got all pregnant, I used a lash grower so I have some decently long lashes and this mascara just gives such a natural glamorous vibe. I hope they never stop making it!

And that's it! So easy! Once everything is said and done, I run water over a Q-Tip and wipe off my eyebrows to remove any BB cream or powder that got stuck, add some Fresh Sugar Shine Lip Gloss, and head out the door. 

Here's the thing about 5 minute faces. Find what works. Don't get carried away and stick to products you love. It's not always about spending a million dollars. Like I said, even when I'm heading somewhere fancy, I just swap out the BB cream for Armani foundation, and possibly add some light eyeliner. 

What are your 5 Minute Face Favorites? Tell me! Tell me!!