Freshly Picked Giveaway!

Since before I was pregnant, or even considering getting pregnant, I have seen Freshly Picked's adorable moccasins on Instagram and imagined them on little feet. The wait is almost over. 9 weeks to go and these baby beauties are patiently waiting in her nursery. 

But what's even more exciting?! I have been able to partner with Freshly Picked to pay it forward!

Freshly Picked and I are running a giveaway from today until December 20th for a pair of soft sole moccasins!! Just in time for the Holidays! Maybe you have some little feet to fill these cuties, or know someone to gift!

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These are the Heirloom in Blush and Gold. The polka dots just kill me.

Pictured here in size 1.

True life: It was insanely windy outside taking these photos. My lovely husband carried me on to a broken dock at Jaws Beach to shoot these photos in the only pocket of sunshine we could find near the water. He is definitely amazing and doing anything he can to make sure his very pregnant wife doesn't fall apart. Friday, I almost cried over a salted pretzel situation. It's getting really real up in here. Any who... I'm thrilled that we had some of the photos come out because it was honestly touch and go. The weather here has been intense and majorly inconsistent. 

This is the dress I wore to my baby shower and I love it. It's not maternity wear, but it's SO SO stretchy. I bought it during a ShopBop sale and was thrilled when it worked out with my bump. I'm really into tight dresses with the bump. (And since Cyber Monday is today you can grab it for 15% off!) Pre-pregnancy I would have a full on anxiety attack wearing something this tight, but with the bump it doesn't feel sexual or stressful to wear tight clothing. It feels more comfortable. I love that I will be able to wear this dress post pregnancy, and that it's classic enough to wear in the next pregnancy without worrying about trends. Since it's so classic, I paired it with some J.Crew statement earrings at the shower, but I forgot them at my mom's house and therefore they didn't make it into this shoot. Bummer. I will post picture of them soon but you can see them on my Instagram, or find the link below. I've never worn statement earrings before, and I was nervous that they were a risk. But they felt fun and care free. Which helped lighten the fashion mood of the Susana Monaco dress.

I will say that this dress NEEDS Spanx. Maybe not if you are Barbie, but if you are human... Spanx are truly helpful. I tried maternity Spanx but they didn't fit my rib cage correctly.  This smoother slip was the perfect trick. It puts everything where it should be with out constricting me and the bambino too much. Plus, it flattens the belly button. Which is fighting for fame lately. 

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Comment below to let me know which Freshly Picked moccasins are YOUR favorite! You just might be getting them in the mail next month!

Good luck!!