Friday Friend Focus! DirtyHippieHair

I am ridiculously lucky to have such creative and wonderful people in and around my life. I thought I’d do a few posts to spotlight their blogs.

I’m starting with dirtyhippiehair. aka DHH

This blog is a go-to for DIY’s in fashion, hair, and make-up from the stunning minds of Teresa and Ashley. Teresa is basically my free therapist. We have been friends (through my college ex/her current love) for over two years now and we text each other daily. She is a huge inspiration in my life. We have definitely used our friendship as a way to bounce ideas back and forth about life, love, and fashion. It’s a great support system. Plus, she loves great music and celebrity gossip. Enjoy their blog! I know I do.

You can also follow them on twitter @dirtyhippiehair