Friday Friend Focus… Lonna Marie

I’m truly blessed to have grown up witnessing such talented and determined people and this girl is one of the best. While we were never super–dee-duper close in high school, I have always respected her talents and her vibe. She is who she is and that isn’t always easy to do. Through the magic of social networking, we have become co-supportors and even friends on Twitter and Facebook , and while we may not be BFF, I’m so grateful to have her somewhere in my life. Her music and her drive inspires the shit out of me. She’s unique and heartfelt. Creative and raw. Loving and living. She isn’t “in it” for the glamour or the fame. She’s just one of those people that needs to share the music that is inside of her. And what is better than that? Nothing.

She posts mash-ups and acoustic performances on youtube all the time, but here is my favorite song of hers… an original… “Don’t Forget”. I have a feeling you won’t forget her.

Lonna Marie / Lonna’s Twitter / Lonna’s Facebook