Gameday Threadz

Ladies. You know how excited I get when I can find collegiate wear that doesn't look like crap. We were all tortured by the crew neck cotton tee, and the hours we spent cutting them and re-tying them into semi-suitable clothing. It is our sorority version of walking 7 miles in the snow.

The kids just don't know how well they have it. 

The other day I was on set for a commercial and our lovely wardrobe lady was Veronica. We had a great time, realizing we went to not only the same high school, but the same college. And then she dropped a college fashion bomb on me. Her and her friend have started an amazing collegiate line called Gameday Threadz. I wandered over to the site, and BOOM. Adorable tops and hats for FSU, UF, and UM. Like seriously cute. Like so cute that I complimented a UM shirt! On my own free will.

They will be expanding their line in the fall, but I didn't want to wait to share it. So Game Day Threadz is giving FromCtoC readers FREE SHIPPING for the month of March if you use this code: CtoCFreeShip

There's more over on their website, so don't miss out!!