Gift Guide: Baby's First Christmas

I feel like everyone had a baby this year. In fact, we had 6 couples, unable to make our wedding in August because they had all had babies within the last 6 months. Some even just a week or two before. It was insane. (We missed them very much, but we partied on in their honor.) It feels like there's a great divide: Either my friends have babies, or they just aren't "there" yet for some reason or another. And the ones who aren't there yet, for the most part, wouldn't know what to do with themselves if you dropped them in a baby store and spun them around. Some may even have a panic attack. Well, for those friends, I decided to list my favorite baby products. Having nannied babies under the age of 5 for 4.5 years, I have serious favorites that you can never have enough of. 

Starting with a classic lovey. Everyone has had one. That little blanket you literally loved to death? I discovered this lux lovely by a company called Liz & Roo. Their Little Roo Lovey is simply gorgeous. I ordered one for a friend and J can't stop petting it like it's a second kitten. Plus, being introduced to this company is not a bad thing. Their bedding is stunning. They are having a special deal on their loveys right now which is perfect timing. A $40 Little Roo Lovey for only $19.99. (They come gift wrapped! Whoot Whoot!) Perfect gift for your out of town friend. Any child under the age of 2 will adore it.

Next is the Aden and Anais line. These swaddle blankets are must haves. You can use them for absolutely everything. From swaddling, to burping, to stroller covers, picnics, and more. You can never have enough of them. They are so soft you'll wish they made adult sized sheets out of them. I used to throw a few in the stroller before heading to the park with kids. You never know what you'll need them for. 

The Awesome Books. So, Dallas Clayton is a dad that wanted to write an awesome book. He did. And he titled it An Awesome Book, but no one would publish it. Finally he published it himself, and it blew up. It's one of the best book out there hands down. He followed the Awesome Book up, with An Awesome Book of Love, and An Awesome Book of Thanks. I would say An Awesome Book of Love is my all time favorite children book. Every child should own these books. It's like the modern day Giving Tree much not sad. (How sad is the Giving Tree?! I mean, so so sad.) I was introduced to this series of books by a family, and have given them as gifts ever since. All you can say after you read it is, "That's an awesome book."

Meet Sophie... She's your new friends (or your) new BFF. I don't know what the heck it is about this giraffe that cures the world, but it does it. From learning how to grip on to things, to a bath toy, to a washable (super important) baby's best friend, to the perfect teething toy, Sophie does it all. You or your friend will want a few of her. You can't have too many Sophies.

Honest Company subscription boxes are pretty great. If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving, sign your friend up for this. Maybe pay for a few months, or the year if you are feeling fancy. Having diapers, and non-toxic cleaning supplies delivered to your door can't be beat. Their diapers are the definite fashion stars of the diaper industry, but they also work. And that's important. I'm ordering the cleaning supplies for our home, even though our home is baby free. 

Liz & Roo Lovey // Aden & Anais Swaddles // An Awesome Book 

 Sophie Giraffee // Honest Company Subscription 


The Liz & Roo Lovey up close and personal!