Holiday Gift Guide! Under $50 for Her!

The holidays are here!

While Halloween is already at the end of this week (I changed my costume idea yesterday!! Stayed tuned for details!), I am starting gift guides! It's good to get organized so you have ideas for the people in your life before all of the sales hit. Being in the mist of a sale with no plan is like being in a storm with no sails. (See what I did there?) Any who, I'll be doing an array of guides, from home goods to price points to types of people... so let me know if you have any requests or questions!

Remember there should only be 2 kinds of gifts: Super useful gifts the the person will be grateful they have all of the time, and luxury gifts aka beautiful things or experiences the person wouldn't normally spend money on themselves but they love having in their home/lives. Stray away from gag gifts. It's fun for a moment, but you end up spending money on something that will junk up the other persons home and end up in a sea of trash. 

It's not always easy in a world where everyone has everything. So check below for links to some one-of-a-kind DIY ideas as well. Those are often my favorite things to give. 

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