Girls Just Wanna Have Fun x RahRahDesigns

I have been eyeing this RahRah Designs bikini for a while, and a month ago it went on sale so I snatched one up right away. Monograms are really making a turn for the cool. What used to feel stuffy or childish to be now feels like a badge of honor. My initials didn't change with marriage so my monogram represents all of me. And it reminds me of college, where with stitched our sorority letters anything that didn't walk. 

I love how RahRah Designs is a mix and match line. All of their pieces really fit together.They just announced they re-release their American Flag monogram this Summer and I'm pretty excited about it. It's the classiest American flag bikini on the market. That's for sure. 

While some shoots I get a little nervous with how to stand, oddly enough showing you my favorite bathing suits is a lot less stressful. It's just a fun day at the beach. And it's too pretty to over think things. These photos were shot at Love Beach is Nassau, Bahamas. Which is quickly becoming one of my favorite places on the islands. I've been there 4 times in the last week. 

While their site is mainly sold out right now, they are reopening soon. Contact them on Instagram from all the updates.