Green & Gray: Like a Lady

Some days you just want to feel like a lady. An easy going 'I woke up like this' kind of lady.

I love the feel and look of a casual tee tucked in to a sleek pencil skirt. Paired with my brand new wedding shoes and a few gold accessories, I felt good to go. This look is perfect for a meeting, date night, or just a day you feel like running errands around town like a Kardashian. For me, was actually a practice run, and it will be making it into my NYFW suitcase.  Approved!

This skirt was part of my Zara haul, and was tailored by my lovely Basil. He has been doing my tailoring since I was a kid. Always remember that mass produced sizing is a guesstimate. Not many people perfectly fit in to a size, because we are humans. I am 5ft tall. I have a small waist, and a booty. It's actually rare that I don't get a piece tailored. My advice for finding your tailor: Buy two of a low priced item. Keep the tags on one, and get the other one tailored by some one with great reviews (either on Yelp or word of mouth). If the tailoring went flawlessly, this is your person. If not, you aren't broken hearted. You still have the second one. I suggest a major tailoring. Like bringing in bust darts. Don't just test someone with a hem line and then hand them something fabulous.