Weekly What I'm Into

1. Royksopp+ Robyn released a 5 song EP this week titled Do It Again! I LOVE Robyn so this is major for me. And the EP is no disappointment. Check out the title track Do It Again HERE!

2. This Baby's First Laugh video is heaven on earth. If you are having a bad day, this little munchkin will make you smile! 

3. Space46 will be making an appearance on the blog next week because My Bridal Shower (!!) is this weekend!!! What?!?! You better believe I will be dressed like a ballerina princess. 

4. This dance video my be my favorite of the week! I actually have watched in several times. Being a dancer myself, I love watching what it going on in the dance world. Sometimes it even makes me want to jump back in a studio. This video makes you want o get your dancing shoes back on for sure! It's and absolute MUST WATCH! I also download all the songs from the routine. So good.

5. I spent a large amount of chunk this week watching Amy Poehler and Tina Fey videos on Youtube. This Unscripted from the Baby Mama press tour is a favorite!

What were a few of your favorite things from this week?