Hacks for When You're Feeling Overwhelmed


My life has changed A LOT in the last year. Like a ridiculous amount. I've moved 3,000 miles to a different country, I've gotten married, altered career paths... It's been a big one. And I am known to get a bit overwhelmed. This blog has helped a lot of those detours in the last year, but has also left me some days staring at a blank screen like "oh God what to I do now." Over the years I have used multiple methods to relive stress when life get crazy. Some beneficial. Some detrimental. But I have slowly figured out what works for me in those moments, where life just hands you more than you thought you could handle. 

Here's a hint: You're wrong. You can handle it. Just Breathe. 

1. Write It Out. There is an amazing book (method) called The Artist's Way. It's initial suggestion is to grab a notebook (a real live paper notebook) and write 3 pages every morning before you get out of bed. Even if it starts with "I have nothing to write I really just need to go to the bathroom." Before you know it the 3 pages are done and you have let out something deep (or not) and you feel lighter when you move on with your day. The point is not to re-read this writing. In fact, you might as well throw it away right then. The point is to allow your mind to free itself, and identify itself with your soul. I know that sound deep, but think about it. We push things to the side. We pretend we aren't feeling things. We force ourselves to feel things. We highlight some of the wrong thinking in our life. But if we give ourselves time to identity those thoughts and feelings each day, we have a better shot at being the best version of ourselves. Often when I stray into depression it's because I have spent too long away from looking at my self in the mirror. And it's been too long since I put an actual pen to an actual piece of paper. When life gets to be too much I write. And believe me, it helps.

2. Move Your Body.  It's 2014. Majority of us are stuck with our butts glued to a desk chair, hunched over, having our eyes glued to a computer. When you feel like you are drowning, it's time to move your body. Physical movement does so much for your mental space, you'd be shocked. Just as much as mind is over matter, you need to remember to jump start that mind with your body. It's all connected and given to you for a reason. Stand up. Stretch. Jump up and down. Skip. You can't be sad when you are skipping it is physically impossible. That is a fact. Try it. 

3. Lay Down, Close Your Eyes, And Breathe. After all the work thats done in a yoga class, we end with Savasanna. Your heart, mind, body, and soul need time to regroup. As much as stress relievers may be a good run, a therapy session, an escape... learning to lay down and listen to your breathing gets you back to center. In this country we joke about needing a nap time. But maybe we really do. Maybe we need a meditation time. Even if it's for 2 minutes (that will feel like a long time if you are truly trying to silence your mind and just be) we need to give ourselves the moment to say, ok this is where we are.

4. Ditch Caffeine for a Minute. Ok. So before you throw stones at my blog. Hear me out. I am a coffee junkie. I can't function with out a cup before 10am, but if you are feeling super overwhelmed and life is coming at you hard, upping your heart beat and dehydrating yourself is just not going to work. When life gets rough it's time for water. Drinking a ton of water, and being good to your body will help you deal with everything coming your way. Your body is a beautiful machine. Whether you think it's too this or that, you are breathing, and thats incredible. Reward it and help it through. 

Life gives you lemons all the time. And I know you can make lemonade, add vodka, and a cocktail umbrella, and turn it into happy hour. But before you turn to the mommy juice, follow my tips and let me know if they help you. I'd love to hear what your go to hacks are for when you are feeling like your drowning. Leave me a note in the comments below! (They make me super happy.)

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