Here’s our final costumes!

Ron Burgundy?

I found J’s suit in piece at Off The Lot on Pico and Robertson. It’s a brilliant thrift store full of clothes from all of the set closets. The jacket was apparently from Jay Leno. His rings are from H&M, aviators are from Target, and I made the mic. Excuse his super white face. He had a full on beard for the last 4 months!


My dress is from Kami Shade. I bought it 2 years ago, so I don’t think it was quite as expensive as it is now. I had the belt made at my local tailor. The light purple tights are from Forever21, my shoes areSteve Madden, I bought the earrings off etsy, and the amazing eye lash decal is an Eye Flashes by Mily. 10 cans of pink hairspray and glitter died for this costume and I’ll probably contract some horrible side effect from breathing all those chemicals in. It was worth it.

and just for fun here are my Jem* nails…