Halloween Sneak Peek!

Halloween is TOMORROW and to celebrate I am giving you a sneak peek at my Halloween costume accessories. Originally I was thinking of being a certain lullaby character, but Sunday I decided to do a a switch up. This is rare. I normally have my costume done well in advance. But when I came to Miami and saw my Space46 skirt from my Bridal Shower, I got immediately inspired. 

Requiring just a little piecing together, and DIYing, the costume is coming together nicely. I still have a bit to do so this is a sneak peek for now. Can't wait to show you the entire costume finished!

Can you guess what my costume is now?

What are you going to be?

I'm so excited!!!!


For this accessories I headed over to my local Michaels and picked up:


A Styrofoam Block

2 Spools of Glitter Tulle Ribbon (silver and blue)

A pack of Wooden Sticks

A Hair Clip

White Spray Paint

Self Adhesive Star Rhinestones (which I plan to also use on my face)

Extra Glitter


With a little tracing, cutting, painting, and hot glueing I was able to make the perfect wand and hair bow for my costume. The extra glitter is about to be added to these pieces, and I'll be sprinkling it all over myself. I may need to vacuum my aunt's house before we head home, because glitter is everywhere!! (Sorry Aunt Betty. Think of the greater good.)


Now I have to start working on my sisters costume... #crunchtime


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