Happy New Year // My Birthday

I wasn't going to post today. I've been majorly under the weather, and my head is fogged with DayQuil, but something kept drawing me to the site.

Turning 29 is weird. It's not socially monumental like 21 or 30, but it feels just as big and yet like nothing. Today feels like any other day. I'm curled up under my Taylor Swift RED tour blanket, hugging my pumpkin spice latte, watching Law & Order: SVU. It feels like a Sunday (plus DayQuil). It's a day I want to live up so badly and yet, with this cold, a day I just want to lay down.

28 was a huge year. I started my life in Nassau, Bahamas, got married, went to NYFW, found a lovely boss in the PR world, went through a personal devastation that I'll talk about at another time, reconnected with friends, made a ton of new friends, and created FromCtoC. It's a year that stretched me. It's a year that felt like reality. And like a fairytale. 

What's weird with my birthday, is that it lands on New Years Eve. So, I get a double whammy of "New Year, New You" syndrome. But this year I'm not interested in making a crazy list of things to change. I have my 101 in 1001 list, that encourages me to grow, but I'm not interested in forcing myself to think I need to change the world in 2015. I just want to enjoy each day a little more than I have been. There's a quote by C.S.Lewis that says "Isn't it funny, how day by day nothing changes but when you look back everything is different..." That's how life feels now. And I just want to enjoy the days, before everything changes. Before we move, have kids, etc. I want to indulge in where I am. I want to feel comfortable, challenged, and grateful. Maybe that is a New Year, New You idea, maybe not. I'm not sure.

Tomorrow will be 2015. Today I'm officially 29.

Nothing seems too different. And yet, on paper, everything has changed.

Be safe tonight and have an amazing time!

Love Always, Candace