Heart Felt Gifts: Photo Album

While every girl loves a great pair of shoes, or ya know, diamonds... There are times when a gift from the heart can really hit home. Every year since our first anniversary, I have made J a photo album on iPhoto as a present. (Since it's an anniversary it felt ok that it was mildly selfish on my part.) I remember the first year being so nervous. I felt like a little teeny bopper handing a man a photo album of our love story thus far, but something in me knew he was forever and so it felt right. It was the best decision I could've ever made. Now, 6 years later and married, I love having a place on our bookshelf reserved for those yearly albums. We even made our wedding guest book an iPhoto photo album to line up with the rest of them, including photos through out the years of everyone in attendance. I'll treasure it forever.

A ton of people have said to me "You have time to do that every year?!" (or at least imply it) and the answer is of course I do. Or try. It's a quick process, but it means a ton to the person receiving the album. Some times I'm a little behind with them (like now), but I always get them done. I made one for my Dad's 60th Birthday, and another one for my mom on Mother's Day one year. For less than $100, with a little organization and some time moving photos around on your layout, you can create an amazing gift. Maybe it's the perfect idea for the person in your life that has everything. You can never have too many memories. 

As a bonus! If you are one of those people with drawers full of actual photos, there are places like DITTO BEE that will scan all of those 4x6's on to a disc for you for a great price. That's what I did with our wedding guest book. There was no way I could have sit around scanning photo by photo. I found them on Groupon or Living Social and felt like angels were singing.

In a world where everything is at your finger tips, some times adding in a little personal touch makes the gift giving and receiving that much more special. 

What have been your favorite heart felt gifts to give or receive this season?