Home Is Where The Heart Is...

This coming week, J and I will make a big move in our life. Maybe our biggest so far.

From one paradise to another.

 FromCtoC finally makes the trip "From California to The Caribbean". 

Our home will now be Nassau, Bahamas.

The boxes are almost all packed. The car has been shipped. The tedious things are slowly taken care of. And now it feels like the adventure can really begin. We will start our move with a week long trip up the west coast. It's unplanned, I have no idea where we will stop along the way, but I will update you here.

Then the day after Thanksgiving, we will arrive to our new home!

We are full of nerves and excitement, but when life offers you something like this, you learn to let go of plans and take it. 

I can't wait to share this journey with all of you...