How I Do Make-up...

So, a friend of mine asked me to post about how I apply my make-up. Now, I am no make-up artist but I am used to doing my make-up for auditions and pictures so why not. I tried to self-photograph the process and it’s insanely difficult. Next time, I will need a partner in crime. I used the make-up I talked about in my last Summer Make-Up  post, plus white Lancome’s ‘Le Crayon Khol’ eye liner andBlack MAC eye pencil. First, I like to make a clean base. I know most people tell you not to, but I use my hands to apply my foundation. It wastes less and I find it makes a more even base on my skin. Then, I use the concealer under my eyes and on any red spots or blemishes. I use my foundation brush to blend that in with my foundation.

I usually take a break between my foundation and the rest of my make-up. My theory is like I like the foundation to dry and set before I start touching it with anything else. I leave it for about 10 minutes.

Next, I apply my blush, with an angled brush, diagonally down my cheek bones. This was impossible to photograph. I apologize. If I’m heading to an audition, I ALWAYS check my makeup in a photograph of some sort. Whether I use my computer or my phone, I want to make sure I won’t look washed out on tape, but also not overdone in person.

After the foundation is set and the blush is on, I like to use my MAC eye liner to draw a line across my lashes. This liner is super thick and I love how it smokes. I use my eye shadow brush to blend this line into a smokey shadow. Then, I use my white liner to highlight my inner eye and a teeny bit under the outside of my eye as well. This brings light to you eyes and helps you look more wide-eyed and happy. I usually leave the white for a minute before I blend it in with my finger. This makes it where I’m not just wiping it off.

After my liner is done, I use my YSL mascara. The best way to do it is to gentle wiggle the comb as you go up the lashes. I always do the bottom lashes as well. I love the Twiggy look! The YSL comb can be a little bigger and thicker to use, don’t be afraid of mixing mascaras!

Now! Especially for “on-camera”, or any photo moment, I add a little bronzer. I mainly use it under my chin and down my neck to add a more defined chin. I follow the jaw line all the way around my face. Think from where you hair meets the top of your ear, down, under, around, and back up. If that makes any sense. After I’m down with that I wipe the excess under my cheek bones, lightly on my temples, and a swipe over my nose. Being this fair means I can’t use much, but it makes all the difference in photos.

In the photo above I had put on my MAC Viva Glam Nicki Minaj hot pink lipstick, but it was too much for where I was headed. So, I wiped it off, used a little of my new YSL lipstick, and called it a day.

Ta-Da!!! Done.