How to Start Your Morning off Right

1. Check Instagram First. Ok this sounds ridiculous. But hear me out. The first thing I do when I wake up is roll over, grab my phone, and check Instagram. Why? Because my brain can't handle any real information yet, and I see it as a warm up. Even when I used to get up at 5am for work, I still checked Instagram before moving. Then I look at my texts to make sure the day wasn't cancelled, and my emails to make sure no one was freaking out. 

2. Wash Your Face & Brush Your Teeth. First thing I do when I get out of bed is wash my face and brush my teeth. I re-brush after eating. And I'll even rewash if I shower, and need to reapply my toner and serum, but this really makes the morning easier. If I don't wash my face right away I feel groggy and gross. This helps say "Ok. I'm up. I'm here. What you got."

3. Stretch. Even if it's just for a minute or two, I do a little stretching. Touch my toes. Crack my back. A few yoga poses. Maybe a handstand against the wall? Your body thanks you for saying hello to it. 

4. Shake It Off. A morning dance party is a fantastic way to start the day. While you make that coffee, or brush your hair, or drive to work, twisting to your favorite tunes can change the whole day. I like to listen to music before speaking to anyone. 

5. Make a To Do List. When I sit down at my computer, there's normally a long list of emails looking at me from multiple jobs. From my PR company, to the blog, to acting, to my Rodan + Fields side gig, there's A LOT of checking in. And if I don't write in down, it gets lost in the shuffle. I like to hand write my to do list (it helps me memorize) and also have a copy of it on my desktop screens sticky notes. This allows me to check things off as I go, and not miss things as I jump around. And I do jump from thing to thing. 

6. Have coffee. (Or at least a glass of water.) At least for me, I can't start my day until there's a latte or a yerba mate tea ready in my cup. I place a large glass of water next to my coffee so that I make sure I'm giving my body what it really needs, and not just what I feel like giving it. Because once I sit down at the computer, hours disappear. 

How do you love to start your morning?

What are your favorite songs to listen to to get the party started?


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