I Am Plentiful

Almost a year ago, a sorority sister of mine posted a video on Facebook and I was just so impressed. Childless and not currently pregnant, I found her drive to help new moms was honorable. Here was a woman finding a solution to a problem and not letting road blocks stop her. I immediately messaged her and told her I wanted to help her spread the word. I do PR for social media outreach and get bags, swimsuits, and more into the hands of social influencers and I thought... "How can I help you?! I really want to help you." 

Along the way, we have found amazing supporters, and even more road blocks. Factories trying to charge her more money, etc. Just things that prolonged the process of getting these incredible instant-lactation-packets into the hands of mothers everywhere. Honestly, I bet anything on it, once these packets are in their packaging and ready for sale, they will sell like wild fire. I am 6 months pregnant and I already want them in my cupboard just incase. I would gift them to every friend to have on hand as well. 

With becoming a new mom, there are so many questions, especially about breastfeeding. There are SO many stigmas on it, doing it or not doing it, it's mess... and all I can say is I want to give it a valiant effort. I know if I was struggling with producing milk, I would want Frances' Plentiful Packets ready and waiting to help me through. For now, I will have her Plentiful Traditional Tea on hand to make the iced tea version with. 

Since we are currently trying to raise money to get these products into you and your friends hands, Frances designed a tank top to spread the word. We are Plentiful. I just wanted to take a moment from the hustle and bustle of the blog world to share that message and spread her word. 

You can order the Plentiful tank top here and help us get to production. 

We would love to see your Brelfies and Plentiful tank posts on Instagram and Facebook. Make sure to tag us @EarthsLoveTeaCo and Hashtag #WeArePlentiful

It's all about being there for each other.

Watch the video to learn more about Plentiful Packs...