I Suck at Girls.


Justin Halpern made us all laugh with Sh*t My Dad Says. But I Suck at Girls is a perfect quick read.

Jeff and I were wandering through the Boston Airport when I found this one. I just can’t pass a book store and not want to buy a book. My love of learning knew things mixed with my serious love of bookshelves makes downloading books on my iPad seem like a dirty act. I want to flip through actual pages! I have a short check list to go through before I buy a book. First, and most obvious, the cover and title catch my attention. Obviously, a book we mens underwear flung over a bed with “I Suck at Girls” written across it, is going to make me go “hmm”.  Then, I skim the back. But the main test is the first 2 pages. I ALWAYS read the first 2 pages before buying a book. And I will only buy the book if I don’t want to stop reading. This book passed all those with flying colors. And by page 4 I was laughing so much that Jeff, who NEVER reads, took it from me to see what the fuss was about. Then he was dying laughing. We had to make a chapter to chapter deal. He’d finish a chapter or two and then hand it back to me and so forth. We both finished the book by the end of the night. I recommend it to any one who likes laughing. It’s about a guy who is about to get engaged, going back over the main learning experiences with girls in his life, per his dad’s advice. His father is a brilliant man, who doesn’t sugar coat things. He is blunt and spot on every time. It’s hilarious.

Go pick up a copy.