I'm in Miami, Kid...


Sorry I haven't been posting, I'm in Miami, FL getting some wedding stuff done. Yesterday, we stopped by Villa Woodbine and it was everything I had  hoped for! (Thank goodness.) The trees, architecture, lighting.. everything was magical. We have a few fun ideas up our sleeves;  the hardest part is remembering not to put ourselves in debt over this! After stopping for a drink with our amazingly lovely wedding planner, Miranda, my mom and I checked out a few local Coconut Grove hotels. I feel like a very lucky bride. 

Today is our first wedding dress stop and I am PUMPED. It's been a frustrating week, but my horoscope says it all starts to turn around today. (I'm not much for horoscopes, but I needed a little something extra to keep me sane this week.)

Here's a few pictures from our day... Drinks and Baked Truffle Brie at Green Street Cafe, (where I ran into an old friend from middle school!), coffee at my moms house, the beautiful East Coast sky on my brief morning run, and a sneak peak of our wedding venues entrance!!